Podium Endurance recommended layout for iRacing

I just received and installed the Porsche GT3 Wheel with the Podium Endurance button kit along with the Clubsport 2.5 Wheel base. Thank you for the info on these forums as I was able to locate the Beta Driver and latest Fanalab software and everything appears to be working well.

I primarily bought this configuration as I race the RSR in Porsche PCA events (my preferred place to race in iRacing these days). I am sure with hours of research on these forums and hours of experimentation I will be able to have the Podium Endurance module just perfect....however, right now I am unclear on how to best set this up. Ideally, it would be great if there was a guide or config that I could follow that would maximize the use of the rotary dials, the funky switch, how the display should be best configured, etc.

Does this exist? For instance....I would like to be able to adjust the Braking Bias in the game with a control on the wheel and see in the display the current value and the values changing as I adjust. Maybe more ideal would be to have the setup mirror (as close as possible) how the actual RSR wheel controls function in the non-virtual world.


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