Fanatec F1 V2 crashes when doing FFB test in Properties page (and in game)


The P1 wheel works perfectly on my CSW 2.5 base. I've just put a F1 V2 rim on it, updated the firmware and calibrated.

In every game once the force feedback goes up over just a little resistance it crashes, with the wheel forcefully going clockwise and getting stuck with the leds and display freezing.

On the wheel properties page, all test work perfectly, but the FFB test crashes the wheel immediately with a hard 45Deg turn clockwise.

Driver 373.

What are the steps to try resolve this issue?

Kind regards, Tim


  • Now it also goes to this position after startup.

    With the following on the display before the Fanatec logo appears:

    WHEEL BASE 674

    MOT CON 22

    ST WHEEL 35

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    Uninstalled Fanalab and driver, reinstalled. Alle with wheel turned on. This time withour Fanalab, which seems to be the issue. FFB completes now.

    Still crashes within a few seconds in AC. Wheel stops with code 039 (don't know if this means anything, but it seems to happen with this exact number sometimes on the P1 wheel). When let go, it vibrates heavily. Base needs to be powered off

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    Switched back to P1 wheel. (674, 022, - - - on startup) Now also crashes on FFB test.

    Crashes in game again after seconds of some FBB. All the way to the left. Display is stuck, wheel as well and won't budge till turned off.

  • It's gotten worse. Takes even less time and more violent once released.

  • As seen above, now switched back to F1 V2, it's slightly different behavior tested in ACC.

    I hope the following steps will help when giving it another go tomorrow. Any suggestions are welcome.

    1) check if all usb ports' windows power management power save is unchecked.

    2) try beta driver

    3) revert to older driver

    4) try older firmware

  • Contact the support.

    There is an obvious connection issue between the wheel and base which can only be solved by exchanging your gear I think.

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