CSL elite mode button accidental press


I accidently pressed the mode button during my first online event recently on my CSL Elite+ .... I Managed to get it back but I retired after completely losing FFB. This was obviously a stupid mistake on my side but I'm pretty sure it has happened to more people as the potential is there.

I see the power button is recessed on the base and you need to press it for some time but the mode button you just need to touch it which makes it quite prone to accidents from silly people like me.

Obviously Ill be more careful next time and I searched for this for some time but could not find anything that would either disable/lock the mode button or require it to be long pressed (i.e. 1-2 sec) as to avoid further mishaps. Found nothing.

I guess its not possible at present but I think this would make a welcome firmware addition if possible.

If there is any way to do this please let me know, if not, kindly consider it for a future upgrade.

I'm quite happy with the kit BTW. I would say this is the only potential improvement I have found so far.


  • Hi Joao,

    Unfortunately there is already a function assigned to a long press of the Mode button, so this is not a simple fix. And because the CSL Elite base is the only base with a dedicated Mode button, we want to avoid any added complexity to the firmware.

    I must admit I have also accidentally switched modes, but I only did it one time - since then I always remember to avoid going near the button.

    I have submitted your request to the team, but it is unlikely to be addressed because we very rarely see requests about this,

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Hi Dominic,

    Thanks for the attention. Really appreciate it.

    I have also been careful with it now. :-)

    Happy to contribute.

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