Wheel F1 2018, Buttons sporadically not working after update from 346 to 356


i bought a Podium Porsche 911 GT3 R Wheel.

With the Podium Button Modul Endurance I had to install a new driver Package "P BME Software Package v1.2" , downloaded from the producte site Podium Button Module Endurance | Fanatec, which included the driver 356.

Since this update, I have trouble with my ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 2018, which sporadically doesn´t recognize Up / Downshifts. I don´t know if other buttons are affected, as the are not used too many times in a race.

I recognized the issue in RaceroomRacing and in ACC.

I never ever had this problem before and I´m racing alot and I´m used to Fanatec Products since years.

I´m, not a beta tester, so I used the Driver came with the product.

I could need some help.

I use to use stable Firmware, not used to downgrade anything, so I really appriciate advice.

I know, there is actual a beta 381 out there, but I´m afraid of more issues than fixes.

Is it worth to try?




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    Try the RC Driver 381. Of course it only contains fixes and not more bugs.......

  • Thanks for your reply.

    I will try and come back after the next race on Monday night,

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    Well, the issue with the miss-shifts is fixed with PC Driver 381.

    But now the FFB is way too strong and kind of numb, not that alive anymore, with the same settings I used before, except all the filters I havent had with V346 like INT, INE etc., which I let on dafault settings. But I had to turn FFB down a lot!

    • Driver Version: 381, before without issues 346
    • Base FW Version: 680, before without issues 662
    • Wheel base Motor Firmware: 40, before without issues 30
    • Wheel FW Version: 38, before without issues 28

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    Hi Sascha,

    Since 352, the firmware on the Podium wheel bases saw a dramatic improvement (which is why we specifically named this driver the 'Performance Update'). So going from 346 to 381, you are experiencing those changes, plus some extra fixes.

    There was no change in the overall FFB strength. So there was probably something different in your Tuning Menu settings in 346 that was then reset when you updated to 381.

    The feedback should be more alive than 346. It is significantly more responsive and there is more fine-grain detail, which is why we also had to introduce Friction, Interpolation, and Inertia to reduce the 'rawness' of the signal. If you turn these values down from default, you should find that the wheel comes alive again, and more so than before.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

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