CSW 2.5 Clonking noise


I got the CSW 2.5 less than a week ago. It's been working fine so far but after using it a bit tonight I got this odd clonking noise from the wheel base.

It's like a dull clonk when initially rotating the wheel to the right. Sounds like there's some play in the wheel, but I can't feel it, and it's only when rotating right. I have removed the steering wheel to check that it is indeed coming from the wheel base. Unless I'm mistaken the noise comes from the back of the wheel, perhaps somewhere near the rear fan, but it is of course very difficult to say for sure.

Any ideas what it could be? And, is there something I could do about without breaking the warranty? I really don't want to send it back if I can easily fix it myself.


  • You'll have to contact Fanatec Support anyway, if only to report what you're hearing. They can also judge what it might be and whether something needs to be done about it. If you want to fix it yourself you'll have to have Support's approval to do so without nulling your warranty.

    As for what it could be, no idea, I would need to hear/see a video. With my CSW v2.5 at least there's no such sound during the autocalibration (no sound at all is heard except for the noise of friction).

  • I got a similar issue. In my case it’s the play between the wheel and the wheelbase connector. Rotating the steering wheel bolt tighter reduced the clonking, but it’s always there at high ffb.

  • After the wheel has been standing unused for the day the clonking has disappeared. It sounded very similar to this, but not quite as pronounced and only when rotating right:

    Now I've got a new noise instead. It's a squeaking noise that occurs sporadically when rotating the wheel fast, like a "whuu"-sound. Perhaps a belt i slipping? Seems to me it could be the screws on the pulley that need tightening, which would be very easy to do.

    I'll do a little bit more testing after I've got some sleep and then contact support - hoping they can give some guidance and a thumbs up for at least checking the wheel myself.

  • Got the clonking back... Contacted support over a week ago, but no response. It's seriously not cool to take over a week to respond.

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