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  • hey guys, we already released a new Xbox wheel this year and there is more on the horizon. One of the products is an Xbox wheel and of course all the wheel bases we offer on sale work with Xbox so I don't really get where the frustration comes from.

    Get a ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5 (which is not PlayStation compatible) with any Xbox wheel and you get a nice discount.

  • A new Xbox wheel? Sign me up!

    I bought a bunch of Fanatec steering wheels and Xbox hubs last BF and enjoy using the various styles for different cars. Got 7 of them, some I equipped with the new magnetic shifters a few months ago.

    But a new dedicated Xbox wheel without hub will surely be added to my collection.

    I use a PS as well which is why I bought a PS base and only buy Xbox wheels so I can use all my simracing gear on all 3 platforms I have.

    I know of no other brand that offers me that.

  • Not even a little off the Formula V2? ;)

  • People will never ever stop complaining, no chance. People will always find something.

    You simply can't make everyone happy and people think again they are the most important customer...


  • Not have offer in podium or extra especial in the 4 pcs bundle?? Or clubsport.


  • What hour start??

  • Hi Thomas, most of the guys who are looking for a black friday deal are people who are wanting to get in to simracing. I think you succeded this for playstation owners but totally ignored xbox users in this departement. Don't expect people who are willing to try simracing and were waiting for BF to get a V2 dispite the discount. The price difference is still quite huge for newcommers. And sure, this year you provided Xbox users with the WRC wheel which is compatible with all the wheel bases. This is nice and it shows xbox is supported. The point is, in the entry level (CSL level) for xbox users there is no real deal like for playstation (more than 1 bundle 20% off). This is for Xbox users very dissapointing and we get the feeling, in compare to playstation owners, we are left outside in the cold.


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    Hey Ryan,

    You do know that almost 95% of the wheels have XBOX Buttons right. And us Playstation Users don't even have the option of good PS Buttons on most Wheels? All we get are some fake stickers and Button Caps that are for other Wheels. Stop whining when you also get 50$ off on CSL Bases. And we PS Users have to pay 50$ more for the same base. And you have the option of the Clubsport Base. Jesus. You already have good deals and above that you are talking. Get a grip XBOX Whiners.

  • PS4/5 and XBOX

    • CSL Elite Wheel Base +

    XBOX only

    • ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5
    • ClubSport Universal Hub for Xbox

    PS4/5 only

    • CSL Elite Racing Wheel
    • CSL Elite F1 Set

    And wheels for everyone ...

    Doesn't really look like the XBOX users are left behind. It might be that PS4/5 users get a bit more discount as the bundles include a wheel and one even the pedals. But if somebody feels that a 20% discount is simply not enough. Yeah ...

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    Will you guys be posting somewhere when an item is live or it’s just keep an eye on the site?

  • Hi

    but these news for CLS that you are presenting in December? 

    more info?


  • Thank you all the whiners for making my Thanksgiving whole! 😄

    Like many of us, I don’t get to spend it with family this year due to the Covid restrictions so all this cry baby bitching about trivial shit is filling that void! 😂

  • What crack are you smoking? There isn't a single "Bundle" For xbox... everything is pieces... Even the club sport carbon wheel that nobody buys is for Playstation.

    All the bases... have to ALSO be used with an Additional Xbox hub adapter, so yeah, there really isn't any deals. Adding the adapter, STILL means wheels, and pedals, just to play F1, which means crap to a dad wanting a bundle for his kids to play f1 with him, or to get an F1 wheel myself and let the kids use my GT wheel that is setup as F1 as possible.

    Like I said, Fanatec, DOES NOT SHOW SUPPORT for XBOX fans who are into F1 racing! Yes, there is RECENTLY, the DD1 with the V2 F1 wheel, but that package didn't exist last year at all (and you still need peddles so it's not complete). Last year it was just the PlayStation dd1 super awesome deal package with F1 wheel. And it's the SAME THIS YEAR

  • Now can I complain there's something not on sale that I want! How dare they! still disappointed, but what can you do :)

  • Anyone else notice prices went up today. Have a clubsport, rally wheel, and pedals in cart waiting to see if I wanted higher end stuff if the BF deal is decent, you know potentially spending even more money...

    Csw2.5 went up $35 to $585, rally wheel went up $13 to $212, pedals also went up $30 for the load cell kit it looks like....

    Not very impressed with a company that raised prices of everything to discount a few items for BF. Questioning now if I want to support fanatec or look at other options. Looks like if I miss out on limited units I'm now paying a premium to support other people getting a discount.

  • Thats because Tax is now included, previously excluded I guess.

  • How dare they not to include exactly what you wanted for black friday, again?! shocking...

  • Was that the kid whining or the dad? 😂

  • I'm not going to waste my time with you Ryan. This is my last message. Wash your mouth if you want to talk to me again.

    The BF Deal is not very good for anyone and it never has from what I understand.

    It is what it is. If you don't like it don't get in to it. Buy something else.

    In my cart the only item on BF discount is the CSL Elite Base and that is only 30$ less from your original CSL Xbox V1.1 price. The fact that your XBOX Base and most wheels have always been cheaper than our PS items does not cross your mind does it. I guess you are only thinking of yourself. Do you maybe want fanatec to send you DD for a present this Christmas? Maybe send you a couple of females too while we are at it.

    All the other products i'm getting :

    WRC Wheel, V3 Pedals, Brake Performance kit, Damper Kit - DO NOT HAVE ANY DISCOUNT!!!

    So out of an order of 1000$+ all I am saving is 80$. So dear Ryan please chill out and stop being a little baby.

    8 out of 9 items that I want are not on discount. So what? Again.... It is what it is.... I guess when you were a little kid your parents gave you what you wanted when you cried and nagged. But this is real life, you don't always get what you want. End of Story.

    If there was a good deal I was looking into adding to my cart the Clubsport F1 V2, The Podium Hub & the Clubsport Magnetic Paddles but I think I will wait and see what will happen in December and January with the new items.

    I hope that the new QR is one of the items coming in December as a upgrade kit.

    Fanatec. Please do something for the WRC Wheel and give us PS Buttons. I'm not a fan of Stickers and I hate having the Xbox logo.

    Thank you.

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    Hi Jason, no prices went up today. There was a recent change to the way tax is applied to US orders (depending on shipping address). This is unrelated to Black Friday. There is further information via the chat feature on the site if you use the keyword 'tax'.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • FU Fanatec, going to delete my comments then I won't buy anymore of your shit

  • Ryan don't leave. Just checked the website now they have a bundle. CSL Elite Formula Set for Xbox. FYI

  • If you cry like that over BF deals then maybe that is for the better.

  • As if the Clubsport Base Deal isn't good enough. I wish the Clubsport Base was available for PS. Although the internals are the same from what I understand but still, I love that look. Fanatec should send him a lollipop to keep him quiet.

  • when does it start

  • XBOX gets Left behind, again....

    I get it, you Playsation Bootlikers who complained when they had to pay for online service just dont get it. Mean while you complian that your bases cost $50 more....

    Um, do your lights actually work on your wheel playing F1? Do the buttons all actually function... but but but.... I have to place a sticker over the xbox logo.... and????

    I'd pay $200 bucks more for my bases to actually work with my games... and put PS logo on my wheel to get full functionality.

    It's clear several people feel they are getting strung along by Fanatec. I invested in Podium last year, because it was the only DD option for XBOX.

    I assumed Fanatec was committed to XBOX, because of the first and only DD system for it. I figured when the series X came out.... Fanatec would have FULL XBOX F1 support and functionality.

    But no, reports are, it still doesn't work, and Fanatec isn't even trying to make it happen.

    I'm pissed becuase I've got thousands of dollars in early adaptive equipment that ove r a year later still doesn't have functionality for the games which I bought it. And not some off the wall game.... FORMULA 1!!!!!!

    YES, lots of xbox fanatec owners are pissed!

  • While I am sure many people will be happy with all these options and solid discounts, for me personally its unfortunate there are no pedal deals. Which I can't say I would dive at the chance for but I know others have needs or find themselves in a situation like me; As someone whose ClubSport v1 pedal hall sensors recently failed and with no possibility for a replacement sensor(s), having to essentially trash what are otherwise really well built pedals is unfortunate. It's also not an option since I can't afford a new set. I understand not fully supporting a product this old , however, willfully contributing to e-waste by giving your customers no options or guidance for DIY repairs leaves me considering competitor offerings (when I eventually have the funds to do so). Their willingness to work with the community is just as important as the quality of product.


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