Black Friday 2020



  • It was so hard to apply my order. But I'm very happy to have done it with success this morning. First order on your site, I was waiting for this day since a couple of monthes.

    See u on tracks ! 😁

  • Hi Dominic Brennan,

    I went through the ordering process and got charged via PayPal for my CSL Elite F1 bundle, but on checkout the site crashed and no order confirmation has come through, nor do I see an order on my Order status page. Wondering if it makes sense to purchase another set and try to get the second through or should I contact customer support to sort out the missing order from my first purchase.

    Again, I was charged on PayPal and my credit card, but no order confirmation of any time and the item was still in my cart when I relogged in. What should I do?

    Thank you for your time

  • Way to new to get a discount??? what is that suppose to mean, that the discounts are provided only for old stuff? How much older are the DD wheels compared to CSL Elite and how new are the CS Pedals and the Shifter?

    I just think that they have prepared a large stock of the cheaper wheels which are easier to sell and left the high-end stuff for those who can pay the premium. I was not expecting something substantial, around 10% which at 3K euros is barely over the shipping that I will have to pay but it would be appreciated. Now I have decided to look elsewhere.

  • I've placed my order this morning (obviously with the same issues as everyone else). Thanks for the good discount! 😁

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Kenneth,

    Please contact us via the website form or via webshop (at) fanatec (dot) com. (If you contact us via email, it is important to use the same email address as the one associated with your Fanatec account, for verification.)

    Please include information about the PayPal transaction in the message, and the items you were trying to purchase. The fulfillment team can assist you from there.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Comments like these aways bug me. If you changed your mind then you don't need to share it with everyone. You should be thankful that Fanatec even held Black Friday sales, and not be so entitled.

  • Secured the bag as soon as you all went live, no complaints here just gratitude. Thank you to the team At Fanatec and I am happy to be joining the community!!

  • Great ... wanted to buy a complete set to get into sim-racing

    Tried it for about 8 hours and it simply wont work.

    Site down, Site slow, No products showing, Cart is empty, Cart is full but payment do not work, Getting white pages all the time.

    For nearly 8 HOURS I tried it and it simply not working ... and now the Clubwheel Base v2.5 is no longer available with the 20% Discount

    THANK YOU Fanatec for your PERFECT working Website ... not

    Best regards from a possible customer, which now will definitely not be one.

  • After two hours I made the order and I am really happy. Thank You very much for the discount, I used the discount to buy LC pedals instead of normal ones.

    I just want to ask You, if your server is running in your grandfathers cellar on IMB XT with dialed connection. :-D

  • My account is disabled but I tried to create a new one .. clicked on link in email to verify and notjibg

  • Started trying to order at 1 a.m. here in the US. After many attempts and a few naps I completed my purchase at 6:30 a.m. This was exactly how I expected it to go and I'm very happy that in the end I was able get it done. Anyone expecting less and complaining and stating they now won't buy Fanatec is being ridiculous. Wake up people. This is Black Friday. You're going to wait maybe not in lines at stores this year but in one way or another. If your not prepared for that then you shouldn't have been trying. My son has been trying to buy a PS5 for two weeks now and everytime Walmart released more stock do you know what happens? Walmart's site crashes. Walmart can't handle the demand but you expect Fanatec to build up their servers for one day a year. Give me a break. Congrats to those that stuck it out and good luck to those that stick it out. To the complainers, please get some perspective.

  • I'm not sharing it with you and it doesn't bug me that it bugs you, I want it to reach Fanatec, there is no other way to do that. I have spent a substantial amount for their gear and expected to have some appreciation for being loyal. And the fact that I have changed my mind should be considered by them. I run a business and wouldn't want to lose a customer, especially a loyal one.

  • Finally got my order to go through. Using Edge instead of Chrome seemed to help - thanks to whoever mentioned that as a tip, and thank you Fanatec!

  • Well , I was apparently a Lucky one ... Refreshed my phone at Midnight CST , Saw the sales were live .... Filled my cart and checked out ....Seemed too easy after reading all these posts. ( the site did crash on my next click, so i was very lucky ) Looking forward to completing my Fanatec Universe with my New PC on its way too. Thanks for the Discount Fanatec , Seemingly the demand for your products could justify no sale at all , i am suprised you even do them at all and I dont take it for granted. ( and nobody should ) There are plenty of competitor products that are not on sale right now...

    • I Hope the negative comments in this forum dont turn you off of future sales.... people will find any reason to complain about something , even a good thing.

    Thanks Again , And Happy Holidays from Canada!! And everyone Stay Safe :)

  • We have a few of those here (and every other forum for that matter) who think the sun rotates around them.

  • Hi there. First of all thank you to fanatec for offering this black friday. Its my first order with them and I have the same problem as some of the other customers. I have got charged but didnt receive any mail confirmation and my order list is empty.

    I have contacted customer service but I am still waiting. I suppose it will take time due to the big amount of orders received today, but I may say that as a first online shopping experience online with fanatec I am little bit dissapointed.

    Please if any admin read this message, could you confirm that all the users that are in my situation will receive the products we have got charged for?. Thanks to all the community. Wish you good luck.

  • Same with me. I missed last year's Black Friday, so I waited one year to make my order. My Thrustmaster gear were not acceptable to me so I sold them a couple years ago and started saving up for Fanatec gear. Even though racing is my life I haven't had any racing wheel or iRacing subscription since then because I'm too poor and can't have a job because of many mental disorders, and I haven't found any Fanatec gear on the used market. This Black Friday I was ready, I had placed everything in the cart yesterday with the pages open in the browser. I put on the alarm clock and woke up early. I tried the whole day to order but couldn't access any pages. When I could access my cart again most of the items in my cart were sold out. I waited one year for nothing. I was able to get just a Porsche 918 rim but nothing else. While I wait for next year's Black Friday I will just be holding the rim in the air and imagine I'm racing.

    Next year it would be better that those who don't own any racing equipment should get priority to order, so they are able to race. Same as those who enter the clothing store naked, they should be able to purchase the clothes first. You need to think of those people in need. I think Fanatec did a great job with selecting the products to be discounted, so they are more accessible to new customers. But it's a shame they were only available in so few units. I was one of the first ones to try to order, but still couldn't do it.

  • Similar situation, however my card has been charged (pending payment); I am guessing because of the amount of website failures and F5 reloading the site so many times. No email confirmation. The invoice shows a higher amount difference so I assume the 59.99 discount has not been applied. Changed my payment method to bank transfer and order goes through. Not sure what to do. Has payment gone through? Do I wait and see... Do I pay the new invoice via bank transfer? Only 1 order is appearing on my account.


  • Well I paid full price for everything since Im a customer of Fanatec and I don't regret anything. If you want to look elsewhere because of the deals they offer move on. Strange way of thinking but okay.

  • I'm a customer and today is BF, what are you even talking about?

  • Full price...this is why you are in this thread, looking for a full price to pay it...anw, I'm glad that you are all happy with what you get, perhaps I expected too much, thinking that Fanatec will offer discounts on their top of the line products. And when you don't get what you expected you get disappointed. Happy holidays to everyone, I'm out of here.

  • Your nagging for 10% off and you stating that since you're a customer and today is BF you should have a discount and then whining you're gonna look elsewhere.

    The deals are what they are just like in any other store, live with it.

  • He's probably in this thread for the same reason as me: new products or new editions of existing products like last year. At full price.

  • Got my order through right before noon here in the US. Was it difficult? Honestly.....YES. But, have been wanting to jump to Fanatec for a while now, and their BF deals were the perfect bait for me, I was sure willing to bite. So, would I do it all again.....YOU DAMN SKIPPY!! I do understand everyone’s gripes and/or praises, I have been on both sides of the opinion fence many times before with many companies/products. But, as was dated many times. Fanatec did NOT even have to do any BF deals. I am thankful that they did, and hope they will again in the future. I am looking at my computer and I am still seeing BF inventory, so I am throwing a ton of positive thoughts toward those still trying to get their orders done. Stay positive, keep on keepin on!!

  • And we learned that 3 new products are coming in the next two years, so glaad to be in this thread. 😁

  • Managed to get an order successfully through last night which I'm really happy and grateful for. Thought I'd see how things look on the site this morning. Still 20 CSW v2.5's and 167 Formula Carbon wheels.

    Get on it people!

  • Well by sharing it on a forum you kinda agreed that you'd be sharing your post with everyone, and it does not bug me that it does not bug you that it bugs me either. Just sort it out with fanatec themselves if you don't care for other peoples' feedback.

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Eduardo, I can't make such a general confirmation because the status of your order may differ from others. But the fulfillment team is doing everything they can to ensure that these orders are fully processed.

    Hi Alan, you should contact customer service and explain how it looks from your side. Please provide them all the information about your order attempts, with screenshots if possible (e.g. the pending charge on your card). They will be able to advise on the next steps.

    We appreciate your post Joshua! Lots of Fanatec staff have been working very hard today behind the scenes to make this day happen, many of them remotely. I hope you enjoy the new hardware.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you guys over at Fanatec, managed to get a CSL Elite F1 bundle early this morning (i live in Italy).

    I wanted to get into sim racing for quite a while now and these deals finally convinced me to pull the trigger.

    Thank you for all the hard work done during this past days and today to make this deals possibile.

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