DD1 Firmware Update Failed and no longer will turn on

When attempting the firmware update, it failed and the PC restarted. Now, the DD1 will not turn on, only receiving the blinking light on power, and I can't do anything else as the device no longer shows up, only my pedals do. Does anyone know a work around or solution? This is Windows 10, 64-bit.


  • Try to start on bootloader as per the instruction on the firmware update PDF so it will continue the update.

  • this sounds like my used CSL Elite PS4 WB that just broke due to the failed firmware update that was available this week. After finding no solution i contacted support and they said its a broken power button. I'm sitting here mad as hell, having only owned this since october 6th and dying on the week of black friday. they told me if it's out of warranty im responsible for repair, spare parts, labor $35usd/euro per 30min, and shipping. so now it's whether i ship it and pay nearly as much as a new unit or try and buy a new one but their site is hammered.

  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    Hi Wayne,

    Please open a support ticket via "My Products/Support" page. This will mostly likely need an RMA.

  • Vincent, I don't have that wheel, but from memory of past firmware updates - the firmware updater puts the wheel in a different mode - and it won't show up in the driver panel when it's in that mode.

    I doubt very much that its a bad power switch, it seems more likely that the bad flash left the firmware blank and unable to start the internal electronics. This should be an easy/standard fix for the repair center.

    Assuming you've already tried all the standard rebooting, trying to reflash, etc... I suspect the repair will be significantly cheaper than buying a new one.

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