Clubsport V3 pedals still available?


This is my first post here. I'm trying to assemble my sim ring during these challenging times, and when I try to add the Clubsport V3 pedals to my cart, I get a message saying "The requested item is no longer available in the quantities desired." I was able to enter it into my cart just a few hours earlier, but when I tried placing the order (which included the Clubsport V2.5 wheel base, BMW GT wheel, and a few other items), the order was rejected by my credit card company. I haven't been able to find a contact number for Fanatec, so I emailed their customer service abou this. I have contact their customer service in the past, and got a nice answer to my questions, but it took about a week, so I'm wondering if anybody here is having similar problems when trying to order items from Fanatec. Specifically, if the Clubsport V3 pedals are really sold out indefinitely, could someone please recommend an alternate set of pedals for a comparable price that would be compatible with the other Fanatec hardware? I realize that I have to be patient during these difficult times, but any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks very much.

Andy N.

Austin, TX


  • James WoodsJames Woods Member
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    I believe they were taking pre-orders for the CSP V3's (at least they were the other day), but if it says sold out I would assume all the pre-orders are taken.)

    I always order Fanatec gear via Pay Pal because US credit card companies often block the sale as fraud, since you are sending money to an overseas company. So if your cc company blocked it, that is likely why and you'll need to contact them about it.

    Unfortunately, Fanatec gear is compatible with Fanatec. Same with Thrustmaster, etc. That doesn't mean you cannot use another set of pedals from a different manufacturer, but they will be a stand alone device. The only issue there is the game must support multiple controllers, but many do nowadays. (iracing, AC, ACC, RF2, etc.).

    I am not aware of comparable pedals at this price point. Here's a list of pedals, from best to worst I found in a review on pedals.

    1. Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint
    2. Tilton 600 Pro Hydraulic Pedal Set
    3. Fanatec Clubsport V3 Pedals
    4. Fanatec CSL Elite LC Pedals
    5. ThrustMaster T3PA Pro Pedal Add-On

    The top two pedals are certainly great (I have a friend with the Heusinkveld's, but I don't think they are twice the price better than my V3's. $625 vs $350). Never tried the Tilton's, but I did look at them and they are almost $1200. That kind of left me with either the V3's or CSL Elites, since I had a working set of V2's, I was willing to pass if the V3's were out of stock, but I got lucky and got my order in before they sold out. Another friend with the TM brakes doesn't like them as they are kind of mushy, use photometers, etc.

    The V3's at their price point are the best bang for the buck IMHO, but the CSL's are not bad pedals either, esp if you get the load cell.

    I would recommend you check out reviews on the pedals you are interested in, and select the set that you think is the best for you. If you know folks that have various sets of pedals, perhaps ask if you can try them out for a bit, or borrow them over night.

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    Here's Barry Rowland talking about this very expensive pedal set from Meca in Cz... I have no personal experience w/ these.

  • Sorry for the slow response - my attempts to log in kept getting rejected. Tried it on a different laptop, and it finally worked. Anyway, thanks very much for the responses. James, I really appreciate your taking the time to list a number of options. To me, the closest option would appear to be the Clubsport V3 inverted set. Yes, they're $240 more than the standard V3, but still less than other options, and they'd be seamlessly compatible with the Clubsport V3 wheel base I just ordered. Plus, their feel probably more closely mimics a real car, since most car's pedals (at least the KTM X-Bow's I frequently drive) hang from above.

    A couple of questions - what exactly does the damper kit, which comes standard with the V3 inverted pedals, do? The reason I ask is because Nico Rondet, a pro racer and the head instructor at Sonoma Raceway strongly urged me to not get the damper kit with the Clubsport V3 pedals. Nico managed the simulator program at Sonoma, so he's uniquely knowledgeable about the relationship between sim and real racing, which is my interest. Second, does the performance kit come standard with the V3 invereted pedals? It doesn't look like it does, but I thought I saw somewhere that it does. Nico did recommend the performance kit. Thanks again.

  • I discovered my memory of the KTM's pedal mounting was faulty - they actually hinge from the bottom, so the standard V3's are the better choice for me, and fortunately, it looks like they're available again, so I went ahead and placed my order.

  • Andrew, Good deal, I hope they are available. Most folks agree that the Brake Performance Kit is a more worthwhile upgrade over the damper. I am not sure which you are talking about, as there are two different things available from Fanatec....The damper kit ($79.95), and the BPK ($29.95).

    The first is a hydraulic damper while the BPK is an elastomer set that installs in the brake. I don't have experience with the damper, but the BPK makes the brake so much better, IMHO. I want to get a damper kit, but I want to mount it on the throttle.

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