problems Podium Ps4 with the steering wheel and paddle buttons

Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum. I bought the Podium Ps4 about a month ago. it has always worked very well until a few days ago when the buttons on the steering wheel and the paddles no longer work while playing, but only the rotation and V3 pedal work. I tried to install the driver 373 and above all also the last one, the 381 but nothing. turning it off and on again then it works again, but after a while it comes back again. I hope you give me some advice. thanks Diego


  • What about the display, when the button/shifters stop working?

    If it shuts down as well, this seems to be a contact issue between base and wheel. Try tightenig the QR. If this doesn't help, try carefully tightening the small screws inside the wheels QR, holding the contact pins.

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