DD1 vs DD1 PS4

Considering either a DD1 wheelbase or the PS4 Podium Wheelbase

Are they the same wheel base (with just the PS4 licencing on the PS4 version) or does the DD1 (PC only) have any extra features I would be missing out on ?

I really like the blue version of the Wheel and their is a slight chance I would use on a PS4/5 but main use would be PC only so don't want to compromise PC usage



  • If you're thinking of the blue one, that's the way to go, also remember the blue one comes with the advanced paddle module installed, so price wise the premium for the PS4/5 part is only about $50US

    Also, compatibility for PS4/5 comes from the BASE, meaning you can use other wheels with a PS4/5 so long as you buy the Blue PS4 podium base.

    And on the other side of that, Xbox Compatibility comes from the WHEEL, meaning you can buy an xbox compatible wheel and use it with xbox.

  • Whats the Price difference? I use to use my DD2 with Gosport all the time with Drivehub. Didnt feel any different at all. In fact the ffb felt really good.

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