CSL Elite racing wheel - for PS4

Hi , I am looking to purchase the CSL Elite wheel - for PS4 and would like to have the ability to add a different wheel (Xbox compatible) at a later date. In the description of this package it states "This racing wheel contains a wheel and base that are not available for sale separately". I cannot find the wheel for sale separately but I can find the base (CSL Elite wheel base +). I just want to confirm that this is the same base and I will have no issues using it with an Xbox (with a compatible steering wheel). Thanks


  • Yes it is the same base and with Xbox compatible steering wheel you can use it on Xbox.

  • good evening
    iggi I download the 381 drivers from the fanatec website I update but the base LED flashes red and blue continuously and I can't do anything. How can you fix it?
    csl elite F1 bundle

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