Fanatec CSW 2.5 strange feeling mid corner (firmware?)


so recently i wanted to prepare for a league race on f1 and do some free practice sessions. When i went into the session my camera always looked to the left of the car which means that the wheel was constantly pressing the left thubstick to the left. When i disabled the button in the f1 menu it worked. But then i couldnt remap any of the left thumbstick buttons. In the Fanatec software they were working. Well i thought i will do a firmware update . Since i did the update i somehow think that the wheel feels different. In longer high speed corners or in faster chicane it almost feels like the force disappers. it is there however but its not forcing me into the other direction. So for example if i drive a right corner the wheel wanted to go to the right and was vibrating. Now it feels like i just have to apply force to the right but it doesnt want to "fight" back to center the car. It kinda feels like it almsot detaches. Actually it feels the same like the feature inside f1 which increases the feel of oversteering just not that extreme. Anyone had this issue? It really feels strange and also on long straights the wheel is like vibrating and clicking.

Thanks in advance


  • is there a way to completely rest the firmware etc to factory settings? And if it matters im using the f1 20202 Limited wheel

  • Sounds like you’re clipping. Try turning down the FF.

  • But why would it suddenly clip? I use alle the recommended settings.

  • Without any detailed info, my guess is you went from a very old driver to the latest driver, which has many improvements like better FFB. Does it happen with other games as well?

  • But wouldnt a better driver mean less clipping? It happens in ACC too. Especially in long fast corners.. it just feels like it snaps and then there is resistance but no vibration or something and also if I then want to apply even more steering it feels like there is no resistance at all.

  • Clipping happens when the game ffb exceeds what the wheel base is capable of outputting. Loosing the ffb during long fast corners (ie eau rouge) is a classic sign of clipping. it’s a hardware limitation, nothing to do with drivers or firmware. Using recommended settings doesn’t cover all scenarios.

  • It actually happens in ie eau rouge. So i should reduce the FFB and test? And ingame or in the wheel setup?

  • Lower the FFB in the wheel base and try to find a happy medium, meaning you might not be able to rid of clipping for every corner of every track. Good luck.

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator
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    If the wheel is going light mid corner and vibrating a bit, that just sounds like understeer. The ACC understeer feeling is exactly like that.

    Perhaps your steering sensitivity is messed up, i.e. the in-game wheel is turning faster than your real wheel. This would mean you are unintentionally making steering inputs that are too large/fast/not smooth enough, which are more prone to generating understeer. It could also explain the odd behaviour on the straights.

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