CSW 2.5 RED rotating flashing light

Hi all. What does the red flashing light mean. PC.

Long story, during race wheel disconnected from game and red light went green. Discovered green means Xbox, changed to red. But now wheel is skew and red powered light has a rotating flash.

Cannot access menus through any of my wheels to calibrate. Have restarted everything, unplugged power, changed USB, flashed firmware. i can see base in properties app, but has red no entry symbol over. Doesn't look good.


  • How about calibrating the wheel center through the button in the property page?

  • Your rim has a connection problem. Try to re-seat the rim. If that doesn't work, check the quick release if there are no broken pins, and if the screws of the connector in the rim are still fastened properly (including the small one in the center).

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