Black Friday purchases - update the hardware (wheel, pedals, wheelb) before first use on PS4 or not?

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I am new to this forum and I just bought my first fanatec setup on black friday which is:

  • CS-Elite Wheelbase for PS4 use ( I play GTSport)
  • Club Sport Wheel Formula V2
  • V3 Club sport pedals

So my basic question is: Is there a need at any point to connect my hardware (wheel, pedals, wheelbase) to a PC and update the drivers or the firmware to play GT Sport on PS4? Or is the software "new enough" and I can start right away? Can I at all update my hardware gear? Is there a need to do so? I heard the pedals dont use their rumble ABS funtion at the moment - can any software update solve this issue one day?

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  • I asked support about this and they indicated all units ship with latest firmware and will be ready for PlayStation.

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Richard, that's not completely accurate. The wheel base will have a firmware version on it that allows you to to 'plug and play' with the PlayStation if you use one of the older steering wheels, for example if you purchased the CSL Elite Racing Wheel, the included P1-style wheel will work fine without needing an update. But if you purchase a newer wheel, for example the Formula V2 or WRC wheel, then you would need to update the wheel base firmware (and possibly the steering wheel firmware too) before it will work.

    And even if it does work out of the box, we always recommend updating to the latest firmware anyway. If you ever experienced issues, updating the firmware would be the first thing that support would suggest.

    Hi Mandy, yes you should absolutely update your firmware first. The Formula V2 is a much newer product that the Wheel Base +, and they might not work together with the firmware preinstalled at the factory. You should install 381, which is now available on all product pages. Update the WB+ first (without the steering wheel connected), then connect the wheel and you will probably be prompted to update the steering wheel firmware too. You won't need to update the pedals firmware as they have not received an update for a long time.

    Also bear in mind that the Formula V2 is an Xbox-licensed product, so it will default your base to Xbox mode when it is first connected. You will need to switch the base back to PC mode in order to carry out firmware updates. It will also default back to Xbox mode after a firmware update (but will then continue to remember the last used mode until you update the firmware again).

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Hello, if we have a racing wheel f1 podium while playing on ps4 do you need to update it? I have had it since March 2020. My f1 flywheel is not calibrated in the middle at the end of the engine start-up

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    Oh this is such a nice reply and it helps a lot :)

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