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My son is currently using the Logitect G29 which we are looking to upgrade (gift) to fanatec CSL elite with shifter, pedals and handbrake and the clubsport F1 wheel as an addition. I'm not very techy so just after some advice and if there is anything we will need or should consider and also how straightforward it is to set up.

Many thanks


  • I just upgraded my g29 to a CSL elite base, LC elite pedals and the Formula V2 wheel with the upgraded shifters last week. Absolutely worth the investment, I noticed an immediate difference. Some things to consider:

    • Do you plan on hard mounting the unit? Force feed back significantly stronger with Fanatec so experience is best enjoyed with a cockpit or at least some sort of wheel stand.
    • Are you Mac or PC? You need to update the firmware which is easily done through a PC or slightly trickier through a Mac as you need to run bootcamp. I'm a Mac guy and had some issues at first but with some YouTube assistance, figured it out.
    • Get the Load Cell pedals option...much more realistic braking sensation.
    • F1 esports wheel is great but not a ton of buttons to assign. V2 solves that and simply looks badass. Upgraded shifters are pricey but again, huge improvement.

    Overall, the setup is not complicated. Its more about finding the "right" settings and position based on your racing preferences. Tons of help online and through YouTube if stuck at any point.

  • Thanks for your comment and advice.

    We already have the G29 and pedals mounted to a stand with the playseat so hopefully it will work ok but we will double check. Will definitely go for the Load Cell pedals option. Set up is only intended on the Playstation 4 (and 5).


  • The playseat is more than good enough and should have all the necessary mounting holes for fanatec. I play on PS4/5 and you will still need to update the firmware on a PC/Mac before connecting to PS4. Potential of glitches or lack of performance if not updated to the latest. There is a guide you can download on to walk you through this.

  • Man my dad thought giving me a new rake or other tools to help with chores was a great present :) Lucky kid.

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