ClubSport wheel base stuck in an on/off loop

I have what might be a technical issue with my ClubSport V1 wheel base that I use with my PC. I got the wheel base (with the BMW wheel) as a present six months ago. But this is a second hand product, so I don't think there's any possibility to leverage a warranty. I would just like to know if there's a way to fix the wheel base, or if I need to look at other options.

So, yesterday during gameplay the buttons on the wheel suddenly became unresponsive. I turned off the wheel base, and when turning it on it started a weird loop:

  • 1. The base turns on
  • 2. The wheel does the calibration rotations
  • 3. The base turns off
  • After around 5 seconds it goes back to point 1, unless I disconnect the power cord

It appears that the fans don't turn on when the wheel base turns on. And this loop happens with and without the wheel attached. Doesn't matter if the base is connected to my PC or not. I tried flashing the firmware on the base (by holding the start button when turning on the wheel), but it didn't fix the loop.

I would really appreciate any advice, and would like to know if anyone has had the same situation with their wheel base.

Thank you!

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