2 orders, the newer picked up the oldest mark as shipped but not picked up. FEDEX GROUND

Hello, I am experiencing this problem.

I have 2 orders, one has been picked up, the newer, and the other, the older Fedex say not picked up yet but I spoke with the facility handling the shipments and they told me they were in the same pallet and same container.

Anybody facing the same issue? How did they go?

Funny enough, I have 2 steering wheels but no motor yet...

Fanatec you should have an online chat with operator or a direct phone number. You are getting big in simracing you should serve better your community.

Thank you


  • Yes, I have a similar issue first tracking # I got was rubbish now the second number is not accurate either. Not great when spending almost 2K- I know 2K isn't earth shattering but it should at a bare minimum get you some accurate information. The issue with me is I live up in Santa Cruz mountains in SF Bay area so I have to arrange things to be here when shipment arrives but at the same time I run a global team and that is my priority but it has me often going to me law enforcement agencies away from home.

  • Same issue,

    I placed two orders (on the same day minutes apart), Both updated tracking and shipped status but I only received one. The other updated tracking but it says never picked up by FedEx, I emailed fanatec and the support email claimed that they did in fact mail it but it is fedex that is experiencing delays.

    I contacted fedex with the tracking and was told that the tracking was creating but fedex have no package yet.

    I am considering disputing the charge with my credit card if i'm just going to get lied to about orders being shipped.

  • I think I'm affected by the same thing. Shipments contains 5 packages to NC and is since Monday on status "shipment information sent to FedEx". Nothing since then...

  • Saturday,

    Someone in the FB group that works in shipping used their fedex contact to get some more info.

    Apparently California put in some new restrictions for shipping last week, and fedex has to pick these up with a truck not just a regular shipping van and there is a delay on their end.

    Most likely fanatec wrapped up entire pallets to go out for fedex and they have not been picked up yet...

  • Amazed that we have to research ourselves instead of being addressed to the community. Very nice.


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