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    Yep would like that too- I totally get that there is a pandemic and Christmas orders etc but the problem is getting a tracking number that says your order will arrive the 3rd but apparently that isn't really the tracking number- then getting a new tracking number and Fedex saying your shipment arrives on the 4th of December but then Fed ex is telling me Fanatec has merely created a label but has not gotten the order to the shipping facility. I may sound a bit like a baby about it but I cancelled plans yesterday for the order, then cancelled plans for today and was hoping to have time over the weekend to put it together so I again changed plans but now I have no idea what it happening. It sort of makes you nervous because with my luck I feel like the next message will be we have no record of your transaction now jump through hoops to get your money back.

    I could have bought the gear off the 2nd hand market on eBay and likely would have it by now but I try to support companies. Because i paid with PayPal that adds a layer of complication and now Fanatec has my nearly $2K but can't be bothered to get me some accurate info. It tends to make people worry.

    This is the same status it has been since Tuesday I think- the only difference is it hat the tracking for the stuff that was supposed to arrive yesterday has disappeared. Note that is says scheduled delivery today. However, fed ex hasn't even gotten the product yet to ship- according to them

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    As I posted in another thread, my shipment never changed from “order processed” on the fanatec’s site.

    however, 3 of the 4 boxes just showed up yesterday and the final box showed up today, even though it was on the same master shipment.

    I would just say sit tight. The gear will arrive. I’m waiting for an RTX3700 based PC and to arrive, and a playseat to arrive in order to use the wheel/peddles/shifter. And while I’m really excited to get back into sim racing after a long time (since early FF wheels) , I have to keep reminding myself I’ll have many years to enjoy the gear.

    also have to understand that 20% off generated thousand of orders, which takes time to fulfill.

  • I have six packages on FedEx tracking page, and only one is showing movement (info sent on Tuesday 12/01, picked up on Thursday 12/03). The others are stuck on pending/label created since Tuesday 12/01. The package showing movement had an issue (Shipment exception: Barcode label unreadable and replaced on Thursday 12/03). So far it hasn't left the state of California... I've also tried getting in contact with Fanatec, and of course there is no response. Would love to know what's going on...

  • Good afternoon everyone.

    Do any of you happen to have any updates on how long you gear is taking to arrive from Fanatec USA? When did you order vs. when the order arrived?

    My info:

    ORDER DATE: Morning of 3 December 2020. Status for all items was 'Ready to ship'.

    ITEMS: Clubsport wheelbase 2.5, WRC wheel, and Clubsport V3 pedals.

    SHIPPING: FedEx Overnight


    I'll update this post once I receive my gear.


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    I am in a similar situation. Ordered on Saturday November 28. Fanatec provided a Fedex tracking number on Tuesday December 01. Now it is December 08 and I have no further information - Fanatec status still "Processed" and Fedex is apparently still waiting for the package. I understand the pandemic and was expecting a bit of delay, but the lack of updates is concerning.

    (Note that pedals were "Ready to Ship" when I ordered them. I just send my 2nd note to Customer Service, as my 1st note was ignored.)

  • The gear above was delivered at about 2PM this afternoon.

    BLUF: Ordered the morning of 3 December and received the goods early afternoon of 8 December. That's with FedEx overnight shipping, and I don't think Fanatec does anything on weekend days.

  • Good morning!

    I ordered WRC Steering Wheel, ClubSport Wheel base v2.5, table clamp, brake performance kit, and V3 pedals on Nov 29, 2020 10:33:00 Ground shipping. ETA delivery date for all items was December 8th. I received all items except the wheel base a day early, December 8th. The master tracking number is the only one left where it has the status of "Label sent to fedex" . Keep in mind that the status was change to that the same day as all the other items I ordered. There has been no update or movement since then.

    From what it looks like by reading the forums, they prioritize the "overnight" orders rather than ground. So lets say you did a order, ground service and you order it a day or two ahead of the people who overnight their orders. They will probably delay your order to accommodate the people who overnight or chose a faster shipping.

    I have also read forums where their tracking status never updated and they still receive their product... So maybe I'll get my wheel base soon? I really hope so. I've ticket open through email that I've been talking to customer service about the order. Unfortunately they take 2 business days to reply. As soon as I get a update, I'll let you guys know.

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    I finally received an email. My tracking numbers have also been updated. Its just taking a while to get things sent out I suppose.

  • Of course the day I post this is the day that FedEx picks up my package, so it's finally on it's way. Perhaps the lesson is to avoid the Black Friday crush if at all possible.

  • Good product, poor delivery. Isn't the obvious solution to get rid of FedEx Ground? People are already paying a healthy chunk for some high end gear. I hardly think that a few extra bucks for a better shipping experience is going to stop anyone from buying.

  • Ordered Fanatec Clubsport shifter the morning of Thursday, 10 December 2020 and received it on the afternoon of Monday, 14 December. FedEx overnight.

    On a side note, I did not know they had moved reverse to the top-right position.

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