CS V3 brake pedal cable wiring order?

Unfortunately I followed the BPK instructions to the tee - connecting the cable back again before adding the through bolt. I thought it might slip. It did. Cable snapped behind the connector.

Rather than send it back to Fanatec, I can take it to an electronics repair shop to get re-crimped.

Can somebody confirm wire order for the connector?

I'm seeing, looking at it from above (connector tab on top) and behind (cable side), from left to right):


2) -------

3) -------



6) RED

Connector is RJ11, right?



  • Can I ask (because I don't know) what happens if that doesn't work will you lose your ability to get a refund if you have messed around with it? Sorry that this is happening.

  • You're not going to make it blow up by wiring an RJ12 the wrong way.

  • Connector should be RJ12 6P if I'm not mistaken.

    That matches the pinout on my V3 Pedals.

  • You're correct, yes. I later realised it was RJ12.

    Just wanted confirmation that the order of wires I have is correct.

  • Just buy another cable its a standard straight 6p6c cable - so pin 1 to 1, 2 to 2 and so on. Normally colours are white - back - red - green - yellow - blue so yours seem off. but as long as pinouts match colours are irrelevant. If you are determined to repair just check pin to pin continuity. And don't be so certain that wiring it wrongly won't break anything - the fanatec pedal controller is sensitive so I wouldn't be sending even low dc voltage to where it isn't expected.

  • The cable coming from the load cell is RJ12 6P on one side, but terminates directly into the load cell on the other. So no, they cannot just buy a straight-thru RJ12 6P6C.

  • Ah - no pictures - i thought you had ripped the plug off the cable between the pedals and the wheelbase. My mistake. Best bet is support then.

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