Handbrake half on

In the wheel properties, using the latest version, it appears my handbrake is half pulled ( see picture). But I don’t even have a handbrake attached. And there is no way I can alter the bar no matter which buttons I press.

DD1, PS4 formula wheel, club sport v2 pedals. PC. Mostly playing ACC on pc.


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    Does it change when you press the pedals? Or when you wiggle the cable connecting the pedals to the wheel base (wiggle the connector on pedal and base side)?

  • I had the same problem after upgrading my firmware to 381 on both Formula V2 and Universal Hub. Handbrake value was destroying Dirt Rally 2.0 as it was always part on, but not noticed in ACC as it's not mapped. I fixed it by pressing and rotating the funky switch at the same time on the universal hub. It allows you to change the handbrake value... don't think this is a feature though!

  • ignore my last comment, something is smashed on the new firmware or driveer as the handbrake is set to 50% by default on each restart, turning the funky switch on the driver page changes it

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