I've been coming the boards for an answer but no luck. I have a clubsport v2.5 with f1 v2 wheel and the rev lights (leds) aren't working on the wheel. How do I fix this and also how do you update drivers and such on an xbox. Do I just go to the webpage or something or have to plug everything into a pc? There just isn't any clear instructions to everything. For the rev lights to work do I have to plug it in somewhere. And also what goes into the data port. Will this fix my no light issue . Can you just download the drivers through the xbox. Any help and insight would be greatly appreciated.


  • You need to use a PC to update the driver and firmware to the base and wheel.

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    The Xbox does not support LEDs so you can not fix it at all.

    For the driver, you need a Windows 10 PC to install a driver and flash to the newest firmwares then.

    But anyway this wont solve your LED issue because rhey just wont work on Xbox because rhey are not supported by Microsoft in their Xbox Code.

  • Thanks for the clarity. I updated the drivers but in fanalab it didn't show any available devices so I couldn't run the firmware update. When starting the base it says I have driver 682 and wheel 34. I couldn't get most of the switches on my f1 v2 steering wheel to map to functions on f1 2020. I wanted to test the switches in th lab but nothing showed up in the list. What did I miss after updating the drivers?

  • You have to use the Wheel Property Page to update the firmware, not through FanaLab.

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