Black Friday deal

Why is the friday deal discount suddenly out off my shoppingcar? If i can’t get the discount, then i will not by it...

had it in my shopping car, had a small problem . wanted to pay today, suddenly the deal is gone...


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    Hi, I have the same problem, I'm waiting my salary for buy it and I could able to bought it only late of yesterday but I was out... 

    Yesterday I watched and there are over 300 wheels (CLS elite racing wheel" whith black friday deal) and you write clearly that the the "bonus black friday" will be end where all wheel are gone..

    I don't think you sell over 300 wheels in 12/18 hours.. but maybe I'm wrong...

    I'm honest without "black fiday deal", for me, it is too expensive (tax, shipping cost and other..), but suddenly the deal is gone...

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    I even wanted to change and buy the F1 CSL for Playstation. instead of the CSL elite standard bundle. 

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  • I thought the same, when I looked yesterday and put it in my shopping car there were over 280 to sell. My ipad fell out if my hands and it broke. Today I wanted to buy them, I logged in my account and my order was there but no discount anymore! I left a comment here, now 1 hour later, bringing my kids to their mam, no order in my account anymore. 

    Sorry but Fanatec lost me here...very strange!

  • I'm sorry about your ipad..

    But yes they write "The deals will go live on Black Friday itself, November 27th, before noon CET and will continue until all allocated units are sold out." (surce:

    and after 1 week of black friday I don't think they sold over 250 wheels in 12/18 hours.. 

    I wanted to buy but at full price, for my me, it is too expensive...

    let see if they will reply..or I will buy from a competitor.

  • They did announce that all Black Friday deals would end on Friday, 4th December..

    Of course putting the products in your shopping cart did not reserve the item, nor did it reserve the discount for you.

  • But how dare they? This is outrageous.

    Did they ask all these people that will take their business to a competitor? 🤣🤣

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    sorry but where did you read that will END on 4th December?

    I didn't read notthing about that.

    in the notice-> I don't find nothing about 4th December..

    where they said "The deals will go live on Black Friday itself, November 27th, before noon CET and will continue until all allocated units are sold out." no mention about 4th December!

    If one plans the purchase and after change the price ( I don't read anything about the end on 4th december).. and as I said I'm only waiting my salary...

    And I don't have any problem, if they don't aswer I don't buy it.

    I'm no one, I'm only a possible buyer.. :) 

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