Fanatec CSL ELite LCK pedals kit firmware

I must sound like an idiot , but I conectet my CSL pedals to my wheel base and I installed the downloaded applications available on Fanatec site . I conected the wheelbase to the PC and went on updating the firmware of the wheelbase. Funny thing is , on the "device list" my CSL Elite wheelbase was listed twice but the pedals weren't at all. I am planning on using this wheel and pedals on my PS4 , will I have any issues , considering all above ? On the calibration screen all pedals seem to be working just fine


  • My understanding is the pedals only show up in the properties page if you connect them directly to the pc via usb. Otherwise if they are connected to the wheel you can configure their settings through the wheel. You should still see the min/max etc though. Do you see any input in the bars? Make sure the wheel is in pc mode aka red light too. Sounds like it is since you are seeing two of them. I just set mine up and had the same concern but was told it was normal. Update to driver 381 and put the wheelbase into PC mode and the LC pedals worked great.

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