Clubsport Steering Wheel Formula V2 - LED-, Display- and extended Button-Support on Xbox Series X

Hello together,

i opened a new ticket at the microsoft community support for the missing functions of the steering wheel. 😭😡

You can follow the ticket at this link:

Fanatec Clubsport Steering Wheel Formula V2 - LED-, Display- and - Microsoft Community

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  • Unfortunately it's been a long time request, to have these features supported on console. It will take a huge push to get MS attention.

  • Yes, i dont know if im angry or dissapointed.

    I was just hopeful, that Microsoft fixed this issue with the new generation.

    If you give me an interest in my ticket, you can show Microsoft how necessary the change is.

  • I don’t agree with this (any more).

    Every time this question gets asked to Fanatec we get the ‘Microsoft limits mapping to that of it’s controller inputs’ response.

    While this probably was true, THIS IS NO LONGER THE CASE. See below...

    I had a Logitech G923 (recently upgraded to Fanatec) and All (you read that right) - ALL button/dial inputs on that G923 wheel ARE SUPPORTED in Assetto Corsa Competizione on XBOX - SO THERE CLEARLY IS A WAY to get most buttons on other wheels working...

    Demonstrably, the above is allowing mappings well beyond the number of standard controller inputs, rendering that old chestnut; ‘Microsoft limits mapping to that of it’s controller inputs’ as null and void - at least in my mind.

    If Logitech can do it, I’m sure there’s a way for Fanatec to do it.

  • For anyone reading, If you are someone “in the know” when it comes to all this SDK business, and particularly those who may be able represent Fanatec with a level of authority, I would like to present the following.

    If you are one of these people, can you kindly confirm (or correct me on) the below;

    • Is there a Fanatec developed SDK in existence? I’m hearing one was not developed and therefore the native Xbox SDK is being used (which will explain why Fanatec wheel inputs are limited to that of a standard Xbox controller).
    • It has been said that it’s up to Microsoft to implement the Fanatec SDK. If there is a Fanatec developed SDK, I assume it was produced in line with any and all Xbox provided guidelines/ standards. If so what is the reason for Xbox not approving the SDK - surely some reasoning was given?
    • If the existing Fanatec SDK is unlikely to be approved, Xbox also supports the use of their elite controller and keyboards. Could these connections somehow be used as the basis of the SDK to increase the chances of success? 
    • Is it possible to (in the short term, and will minimal effort) get some additional functionality supported, while other functions are still being developed. If the likelihood of full wheel support on Xbox is improbable, and this is an option, then surely this is the only way forward?

    I am trying to get clarity on the process and issues with this SDK - I think this clarity and transparency is much needed as many are frustrated about what specifically is going on with Xbox support.

    I (and many others) will certainly appreciate your attention, knowledge and responses to the above.

  • I assume nothing is happening here but I have the CSW Fromula V2 w/DD1 and XBOX and really want to use all of the buttons. Hopeful that either MS or Fanatec or together resolve this. lt is just programming.

  • Sorry to bump this, but I wanted to add my voice that I just got my Formula V2 and CSW 2.5 and finding this out was extremely disappointing. Main reason I went for the Formula V2 was I was running out of buttons to map on my old Logitech G920 and I was really hoping to be able to map ERS, Fuel Mode, brake bias and differential to the various encoders/dials.

    Has there been any official response from Fanatec as to when we can expect to see this updated and included?

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