Clubsport V1 Wheelbase not detected by Windows 10

I have a Clubsport v1 wheelbase with F1 ESports wheel attached. Also have V3 Clubsport pedals all running on a Windows 10 system. The pedals are detected by the Windows 10 Game controller dialog. But when I click the controller properties for the wheelbase, I receive an error message which says:

"An error has been encountered while opening FANATEC Property Page"

I have used different USB connectors and cables. The Fanatec website has the most current driver for the wheelbase as "Fanatec_64_driver_292.msi".  I ran the updater for the most current firmware. But Win10 still does not see the wheelbase.

FanaLab can see only the pedals but not the wheelbase.

What can I try?


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