Problem to set min & set max on V3

Good morning guys.

I tried to reset in the software Fanatec Wheel but i don't understand the best procedure to do it, everytime when i setup them the feeling on the brake is completely different, too quick or too long. I have a single mod elastomer, really hard and i need especially for iRacing.


  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    Hi Christian,

    Make sure you have the latest Driver/Firmware package installed.

    Check your Brf settings since if you are on a different setting 1-5 the Brf could be too high or too low.

    Make sure you have manual calibration set for the pedals in the Driver window. Then calibrate Min/Max

    Hope this helps

  • Installed 373 and i don't have the BRF menu on the wheel, usb connection. Setting minimum is better the blue line level stays at minimum or a little bit higher? How much the progression of the blue line should be? Slower?

  • I always add a slight dead zone to all three pedals just in case they get triggered mid race. For clutch I find it better to have max set around the middle of the travel instead of 100%.

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