V3 BRK Hardness Comparison Chart Question

I've been trying different Brake Elastomer combinations and decided to use 2 - (#12 Green) to give me a more linear throw.

However, I just realized that the Brake Performance Kit does not provide 2 - (#12 Green) Elastomers in the Kit.. Does anybody know why Fanatec would provide this information on their Chart but not provide the Elastomers?

Am I missing something here?

Thanks for any help!


  • James WoodsJames Woods Member
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    I think it's the way you are reading it. Two #12 greens would be a Medium. You can get the same by using a #13 red and a #13 green.

    There is a good review of the the BPK on Sim Racing Garage (google it, if you don't know about it). Barry Rowland (host, owner, reviewer, etc.) actually used a Shore Durometer on each of the elastomers.....really wasn't much difference between any of them. I think it was 85-90 for the reds, and 90-95 for the greens.

    I test a few configs before deciding to use a #13 Red and a #12 Green (Soft). Hard was too hard, and Medium didn't really do it for me either, but the combo I used is what I would consider perfect for my driving style.

  • Thanks for the input!

    Yes, I've been watching Barry's Reviews on Sim Hardware for years and, have watched his videos for the V3's in general, along with his video for the BPK in particular and, find the information invaluable.

    I've tried 3 different combinations thus far and I think I've got it almost to where I want it to be by getting rid of the PU Foam altogether.

    The reason why I posted was to see if anyone was able to get rid of the progressive feel.. I don't like the feel of the Brake Pedal to get stiffer as the travel goes deep in to it's throw. This is why I am perplexed as to why Fanatec did not include 2 - 12mm Green Elastomers as, this would help in having a more linear throw. Especially, since they illustrate it so in the Manual but don't provide the 2 - 12mm Greens in the package..

    Removing the PU Foam definitely helps in getting it to be more linear but unfortunately, it only helps so in the initial range. I would think having 2 identical Elastomers would continue to help in giving me the linear feel from the beginning of the throw in to the end.

    I guess, they want us to purchase another BPK Kit in order to do so because, I don't think having a #13 Red and a #12 Green is the same as having 2 #12's.

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