DD2 Suddenly stops working

Hi there,

I recently purchased a DD2 and as of two days ago it suddenly stopped working. The power button lights up, the LED display flashes the Fanatec logo and then goes black. I put the device into boot loader mode so I could re-flash the device, but upon doing so, it exhibits the same behavior.

The wheel that I had attached (911 GT3 along with the Podium button module endurance) used to light up, but it no longer does so. Removing the wheel does change the behavior of the underlying wheel base.

The power supply shows a green led, so I am assuming it is working.

I contact support on the 7th, but have yet to hear anything back from them.

Anyone else have similar issues? Anything else I should try to diagnose what might be wrong?

Kind of bummed that after a day of working it appears to have failed.




  • This is a known issue, happened to me a few days ago. got the wheel working and the next day the same.


  • I have had similar issues for a while now. My DD2 has had to be returned. You should open a support ticket, I suspect you are also looking at a return.

  • As of two days ago, my Elite pedals stopped working. I feel that it may have had something to do with a Windows update, but I could be wrong. I've read about a few other people's Fanatec peripherals ceasing to function over the past couple of days, too.

  • Support finally contacted me and started the return/replace process. I am not sure how long this is going to take, but at least it is moving forward.

  • Will take several weeks judging by my experience. I expect you will exchange a few emails, wait one or two days for a reply to each one, no progress at weekends obviously - before even receiving return labels. Couriers are stretched at this time of the year so expect return to be slower than normal, mine took a week when posted at end of November. Then, judging by my experience, there will be radio silence for a yet to be determined time - I'm still waiting on an update on my return. I had hoped to get mine back prior to Christmas but this is looking more and more unlikely. For an RMA just starting now I think it will be well into January before you receive your repaired unit back, unfortunately.

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