CSL Elite Pedals - noisy potentiometer

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Given these are brand new out of the box today, looking at the throttle slider - is this typical? I am having to dial in deadzones on 20 percent at min and max to counteract this...


  • It looks like the symptoms of a worn potentiometer, but would be strange for a new set.

    You did not pinch the throttle cable during assembly?

    I think it’s best to contact support.

  • Austen ChenAusten Chen Member
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  • Pasqual - no, did not pinch the cable. I agree, I need to contact Support. This is what I would expect from a 20 year old TM Cougar pot, not a brand new Fanatec pedal.

    Austen - yes, followed all instructions for both assembly and calibration.

  • Update - I contacted Customer Support who very quickly arranged for the pedals to be collected for return to their London service centre (at no cost to me), and I received this morning (Sunday) an email to confirm the noisy potentiometer and the offer to either replace the pot assy on it's own or replace the pedal set complete.

    As I know in myself there is nothing fundamentally wrong with the pedals with the exception of the pot, I asked for the pot to be replaced only. I got another email some minutes later to confirm work is done and tested fully, and I will have the pedal set back with me on Tuesday.

    11/10 for customer service from Fanatec in this instance. I really didn't expect to have a resolution this side of the New Year, but Fanatec have really surpassed all expectations. I am confident the pedals will be 100 percent when I get them reinstalled too.

    Huge thanks to Fanatec, especially Chris (Germany Customer Support) and Johannes (UK Tech).

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