Pedals V3 manual calibration not saved


I recently made myself with a CSW 2.5 base, BMW rim and Pedals V.3.

I updated all them individually to the latest driver and I was able to calibrate the pedeals when they were connected directly by USB to the PC. 

I'm actually seeing a windows like the next one, where pedals show their activity correctly but manual calibration is not enabled.

I found that by enabling manual calibration:

I should be able to calibrate the padals like the next windows. In deed when i uncheck and check back the box the manual-calibrationshow appear, but if close the application (Fanatec Wheel Properties) and open it again, manual-calibration don't show again.

Shouldn't this pedal calibration options (set max/min) be always up when manual calibration is enabled?


  • Yes they should be always there when you open the driver but there is a issue with the current driver where these pedal action buttons are not visible until you changed to a different Tab and then back to the Function Test Tab.

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