Issue when i use an audio amplifier, my CSW 2.5 lost USB connection

Hi guys,

all my driver on PC et wheeh base et steering are updated.

Second , the issue appears some few days ago.It running well since november.

I've got an audio amplifier to do do some Shakelt Bass Shakers with simHub

issue :

deconnections of CSW2.5 appears when i turn on my audio amplifier. Everything running well when the amplifier is off. i've turned off any power saving stuff for USB. but nothing have changed.

This issue is only on base CSW. I 've check cable, do some check inside driver of sounds card or anything else... everything is ok.

I've unmount each component to check it alone and run it alone , everyhting is ok, and last i've change computer and the same issue appears on the second one.

If the amplier is on but audio cable is not connected , everything running well.

if i running the amplifier alone on the second computer and i run the CSW on the first computer, each component stay at his place, everything running well !!!!

CSW not like to run with my amplifier on the same computer together why !!!!

See the video,


  • What kind of amplifier is it? Make model, etc.

  • Wow. It's been a while since I've seen that, but for the OP....Here's how you can detect IRQ conflicts in Windows 10:

    Open Device Manager. Select View Tab, then select "Resources by Type". Then select "Interrupt Request (IRQ). Any conflicts will be marked by a exclamation point. I think it's a yellow circle, but memory eludes me on this...either way, it's clearly indicated. If there are conflicts, you should be able to change the IRQ number, but you might have to google on how to do that.

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    Hi guys,

    thanks for your help. So first to answer to everyone :

    1)James Woods : What kind of amplifier is it? Make model, etc.:

    2) Marlon Leonard First try same the process with the amplifier turned off, to exclude the possibility of overload protection shorting your sound card output causing an IRQ conflict :

    i've check turn off , no issue.

    I've check inside Device Manager, No IRQ.

    i've replace the amplifier by my headphones and run SIMHUB , No issue

    I've check in Mono each shakers , Issue with both , tested one by one separatly.

    I noticed that my CSW2.5 is very sensitive about that issue because my others USB dont loose the signal like my XBOX controller or my mouse or keyboard.

    i 've turn off all USB save power managment too

    I would like to say too, all theses components have run correctly for 6 months... it appears some few days ago.

  • I've test with my other computer my CSW2.5 and the amp, same issue.

    CSW 2.5 lost USB connection , i 've shake my CSW 2.5 and his power supply, no issue.

  • I agree. Since the issue only occurs with the amp attached, it's the amp.

  • For me it's not so clear ...

    The Amp run well , that guy got the same issue.

    But he dont use amp :

  • If you connect the same component to your computers and it causes the same problem on both - it is THAT component that is the issue.

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    Hi Guys,

    I finish to find what was that issue

    The power supply of the amplifier was the source of my issue.

    i find that when i shack it !!!

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