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Hi there,

I used the CSL elite pedals (no load cells) for 2 years and then I decided to update to the CS V3.

They are great and they are working fine, however I wondering if there is something I can improve the experience and I will explain.

The CSL pedals were soft, but I had some kind of more control on the travel distance and the pressure applied. On F1, for instance, I could see the red bar (break) progressing uniformly while braking and the control of it was very good.

With the CS V3, I can feel that after 50-60% pressure, the bar just goes to 100% very quickly and I kind of lose control of it. Maybe it's just me trying to get used to it and it will just take time or maybe it's some fine tuning that is missing.

I tried to regulate the preload, but it didn't help much.

I also tried to install the BPK, but looks like I like more soft breaks rather than stiff/hard breaks. The travel distance became too short with the BPK installed. Is there any way we could tweak that better?

I appreciate any feedback/experience sharing.


  • Austen ChenAusten Chen Member
    edited December 2020

    Are you calibrating the pedals manually? One setting that helped with the brakes for me was BRF.

    Not the exact video that I watched but it does explain it from 8:10

    Not sure if it'll solve your issue but might be worth a try.

    I have damper on my brake. Not a fan of the performance kit.

  • Hi Austen,

    Thanks mate. I always used the BRF at 70 and I believe that with this new pedals I have to adjust. I already did it and I'm changing between 50-70.

    Maybe it will just take time to get used to it after being on CSL pedals for more than 2 years.

  • Keep i mind, that with a BRF setting of 50 you will reach 100% brake force earlier then with BRF 70. Means:

    BRF setting 50 = 50 % pressure on the pedal = 100 % brake in the game whereas BRF 80 (e.g.) = 80 % pressure = 100 % brake in the game.

    I'm usually running BRF between 80 and 95, depending on car and track in nearly all simulations, which results in a pretty high force I'll have to apply, but this way the pedal stroke is higher and I can better modulate the brake....

  • Also take note that the v3 pedals have a lower max force then the CSL pedals because of the different compacter design of the V3 pedals. Unfortunatly Fanatec doesn't specify this real force value and only specifies the load cell force. But construction and design of the pedals all have effect on the real force needed. The real force needed is also a lot lower then the load cell specs.

    I also switched from the CSL to the V3 pedals. But I needed to change the BrF to 100 and even then I was not able to use the pedals the same as on the CSL's. I was always locking them up on the V3's. I was never able to like it, but maybe with enough practice you can adapt.

  • Personally I ran BRF 90 in iRacing. For cars without ABS, I edit the calibration file to give me more overhead so I can use the entire travel and don't lock up as easy (or quickly)

  • Hi Pasqual,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. That makes sense and it's kind of very similar to what I fell right now. I will keep trying to get used to it.


    In iRacing, I'm using 90-100 BRF right now and the config file was edited to reach no more than 80% but for some cars like Porche 911 Cup, it's still locking up, so I will probably have to go down a bit further.

    I was considering to try the Porche with my old CSL pedals, but when I think about mounting them again on the rig, I give up.

    Thanks again guys for yours sharing.

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