Is this a new buisness model?

I just recieved my V3 pedals, which i paid extra to get faster, cos i needed them for this weekend.

Everything is great, they show up fast, but, all is not well...

Opened the box, noticed it said on a sticker, all accessories inside, so im not worried, my BPK must be inside.

Open the box, fish out the BPK kit, and then take out my new pedals... Uuuhhh shiny...

Sooo i dig into the box, find a quick installation guide, and nothing else.. NOTHING...

No cables, no stronger springs, no grease, no pedal rebuild kit, NON of the included items...

So what now? I can setup pedals that have no freaking parts to setup, i cant even freaking hook up the pedals to my pc, and then im hit with a 3 day wait on a response from the contact form.

Great start Fanatec... No a very happy customer right now!


  • Sorry for this not so great first experience with Fanatec 😬 Did you contact the support already, they will send you the missing parts asap.

  • As a stop gap you can use another RJ12 cable assuming you are using with a Fanatec wheelbase, or another USB cable if connecting directly to PC. It will be quicker than waiting on support.

  • Ofcourse i sent of a contact form already, but i have to wait up to 3 days for a response, and then they will prolly ship the missing parts with normal shipping, meaning im looking at the other side of Xmas before i can use my pedals.

    I know i can use a USB cable, but im very sure, that no one is going to refund the money i spend to replace missing items from the complete set i spend over 400euros getting. I can understand a shipping delay, but theres a dead give away that SOMETHING is wrong, when the set weight for the kit is in box is 10.35kg and min was only 8.5kg. Even more so the BPK should add something.

    As for using the pedals, cant use them until i get the black springs, the red are so weak i have no feeling what so ever, and thats comparing to my old CSR Elite kit.

    Very dissapointed in this, and calling directly in the time frame they claim to pick up the phone... yeah.. thats a lie. Tells me to call during open hours and hangs up. GG

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Pierre,

    Actually we would reimburse your money if you purchased alternative cables and you provided the receipt. But you're missing lots of other items and those are not available elsewhere.

    I'm sorry to hear about this. It's really odd that a package would not include any accessories.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Given that im missing -Every single accessory- one would think, that before shipping, when opening the box to put the BPK someone would notice, that weight being lower than normal, another dead give away, i feel like there was a few give aways for such an error.

    I can accept human error, and i am forced to, but the fact that i need to use the pedals for race in the weekend, and now am stuck having to get use to grandma springs is just adding to the annoying part, having to install everything into a rig, and then take it all out to rebuild springs, and pedals as it should have been first time, even more annoying. I fully understand the staff and answering emails is pushed back, but there should be some kind of system to put some cases ahead of others in the system. I need to wait 2-3 days, meaning friday or monday for a response.

    Than it needs to be shipped, and once more, i dont expect anyone to use the express service, as its already money out of profit due to this error, meaning with luck, i get the stuff on the 24th, but other than that, im looking at 11days from today. Worst case.

    Best case, someone picked up the phone during phone hours, got the stuff shipped out latest tomorrow, and i would prolly be more calm about the issue.

  • First world problems. Facepalm

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