CSL Elite Load Cell Pedal malfunction

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The pedal appears to be in full depression if the BRF setting is on low and it goes down to 30% depression (all three yellow lights on the wheel baseare lit) if I take the BRF setting to high. Is the load cell broken or what ?


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    Sounds that the load cell is working like normal.

    A load cell doesn’t work with travel. It works with force. The higher the BrF setting the more force you need to apply on the pedal. Just set the BrF to a setting you are comfortable with to get all the lights on.

  • Did you bother to read what I said ? The pedal acts like its in depression (WITHOUT ME TOUCHING IT) from 30% to 100% . I had to push in game break dead zone settings all the way up to 50% . THAT'S WRONG

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    Pasqual is right.

    This is what the BRF is doing. Detects the pressure and arranges how easy or hard you need to press the pedal to reach max. the lower the brf is the more easy is to reach to 100% because it is pressure measurement and not travel.

    For some reason you minimum level might be higher and when you drop the brf at 30% it detects the pressure, converts it and jumps to 100%.

    So Maybe the auto calibration needs either to be done from the beginning or it is easier for you to plug in the PC update the drivers to the latest official and adjust manually the minimum and maximum on the brake pedal.

    Please create a support ticket from your account under your product tab in fanatec website.

  • I have already done the calibration , the pedal was working just fine up until that moment.I don't know what caused the malfunction (it is a malfunction , considering it acts like I apply pressure on it , regardless of the level) because I have mildly use it for a week or so.

  • Are you using auto calibration or manual calibration in the driver? Try switching between these, perhaps it’s a manual calibration at the wrong minimum causing this to happen.

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