DD1 Not Recognizing Wheel

Just received my new DD1 with the formula v2 wheel and the DD1 is not powering on or recognizing the wheel. The wheel base is recognized by my PC just fine but when I open the settings it says there is no wheel attached to the base.

Anyone have a solution?


  • Try removing and reinstalling the USB drivers in: Device Manager / Universal Serial Bus Controllers. But then again, you say it doesn't even turn on. Unplug it and press the power button on the rear repeatedly HARD a few times. The first gen DD1's had a failing power button issue where it sometimes wouldn't turn off. Yours doesn't turn on, checkout the installation and power up procedure in the video below before you reconnect it again.


  • Okay feeling a little embarrassed, I didn't realize how hard you have to push the wheel in. Got it working it just wasn't connected all the way..

  • One of those ahah moments 😉

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