CSL Pedals 911 Turbo wheel pedals show as shuift up/down

Hi guys,

Pulling my hair out here :(

I have the Porsche 922 Turbo (non-s) wheel, and the original pedals broke. I replaced them with the CSL Elite pedals )brake/throlttle (non loadcell). I also bought the RJ12 to PS2 adapter.

When they arrived i plugged them in, but on doing so the pedals never show up as pedals. When i press the pedal it shows as shift up, then the other pedal shows as shift down. They do not behave as an axis.

Same in games, they are seen as another 2 buttons (well, not another 2 - they duplicate the sequential up/down).

Desperate for help!


  • sorry, 922 = 911! Also cant seem to figure out if firmware update is even possible - it seems to need to be connected via USB and this wheel connects wirelessly.

  • Any ideas?

  • Are you using it on a pc?

  • Yes I am, Windows 10 64 bit

  • Do you have driver v381 installed?

  • Yes bud I have

  • Fanatec tEch support told me to install v346, which I did, but the wheel isn't detected.

    USB Input Device error looks like driver is either corrupt or not signed properly. U sure but it means the wheel never shows up in game controller window you use to get to the properties. Only earlier driver's seem to work with the PWTS usb receiver.

  • Darren CookeDarren Cooke Member
    edited December 2020

    Any ideas on solving this unsigned or corrupted driver error?

  • So managed to get the 346 working with fanatec support, but pedals still only show as gear up/down or 1st/2nd on h pattern in properties page

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