Load sensor settings in both AC and ACC

I have been able to trim brakes for CM F1 2020 but dammed if I can make any sense in AC and ACC. Both control panels don't give enough adjustment. I am almost breaking my leg trying to stop any of the cars !! The % of travel vs effect does nothing useful.

Any clues for me here ? I haven't found anything on line yet. Help me help me help me.......


  • have you tried adjusting the BRF?

  • Thanks Austin, tiny change with this BRF # but I still bust my balls and not have any real braking power. I used to be able to stand the cars on their noses before.

  • what pedals do you have? I haven't had any issues with ACC. What do you have your BRF set to? I have mine set to 80.

    Here's a good way to tune your BRF (starts at 8:10)


  • Good Vid Austin, thanks, very helpful. I have a load sensor brake that I've added to the Elite F1 set up, which doesn't have such finite increments, it goes in 10's, 60-70-80 etc. I have under stood all these points before as they were the path I followed to have my F1 experience be so satisfying. I just can't make any sense on AC and ACC, they both end up with useless braking compared to the original brake pedal that came with the Fanatec kit. Hmmmmmm.

  • Hm Could it be in-game settings? I haven't put in any time on my F1 2020 game so I don't know if my settings will work in there... but for AC and ACC I definitely don't have any problems on my v3 pedals. I just max out my brake travel/calibration in the wheel property page, and change BRF to 80.

  • I have no issues with ACC -> have you checked whether the Brake bar in game in the bottom right corner (the red bar, will turn yellow when ABS is active) fills up fully when you brake full?

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