Fanatec CSL Elite WRC wheel - calibration menu not showing when pressing the buttons

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Hi everyone,

my setup:

CSL Elite Wheelbase + for PS4

WRC wheel

ClubSport Shifter SQ V1.5

I followed this video guide:

I followed the instructions and setup possibilities in the drivers (32-bit version). Re-installed the drivers, I definitely use the latest firmware for wheelbase, wheelbase motor and wheel.

However, no matter what I do, the calibration menu on the wheel is not showing on the wheel's small display. I press the buttons as requested in the video linked above, but the wheel goes directly to pre-set 1.

The centre calibration is selectable in the drivers menu on PC mode, the H-shifter calibration is not. Pressing the two buttons simultaneously brings me to pre-set 1.

In the drivers menu, the H-pattern calibration is faded out.

Re-installing/flashing the firmware did not help, same result: No calibration menu with button presses directly on the wheel. And the H-shifter is plugged in the correct Shifter 1 socket on the wheelbase. And the switch on the hardware is set to "8" for H-pattern shifting.

What can I do to map my H-pattern shifter?

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