Force Feedback now working in Forza 2 and info about pedal compatibility

We finally managed to get force feedback signals working in the game which was the last big obstacle in finalizing the development.

I am also happy to announce that the Porsche 911 Turbo S wheel (PWTS) will be working with 4 different pedals.

  1. Standard pedals (similar to PWT but wired)
  2. Clubsport pedals
  3. Logitech G25 pedals
  4. Microsoft Wireless Racing Wheel for Xbox 360

The last 2 options will be relevant for customers who choose to buy the "Pure" edition which is only the wheel without pedals. There will also be a Clubsport edition which features the new clubsport pedals.

Pricing, availability and full technical specs will be announced next week here on the blog.

When I am back in Germany in two weeks, I will make a comprehensive video of PWTS and introduce all features.

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