Xbox hub and club sport 2.5

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Just purchased hub for Xbox and used it for few hours turned it all off , but now when I turn it on it spins and calibrates then the little white light on top goes off and no buttons work , I’ve noticed that just one pin is slightly set back by about 3 mm than any of the others is that right , these are the pins at the back of hub


  • I believe one pin is always shorter than others.

    Is the base still in xbox mode after you turned it on?

  • Yes it’s normal to have one or more pins that are shorter on things that are hot swappable.

    If the white light goes off the wheel is not in Xbox mode any more. Try to put it back to Xbox mode.

  • Thanks to Austen Chen and Pasqual demmenie for your reply’s much appreciated and it seems to work fine with your advice I was using the buttons on the front of the hub that wasn’t changing it back to Xbox but the top buttons solve it👍 Thanks again

  • bonjour voila je viens de monter ma base de roue dd1 avec le volant clubsport formula v2, j'ai ensuite brancher a ma serie x ensuite allumer ma console et la que dois-je faire par la suite aidez moi s'il vous plait merci

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