Upgraded and slower


Not sure if this is the right place to be.

Just upgraded from g920 to csw, V3 pedals and V2 formula wheel.

I'm considerably slower than when I had the g920, I'm in a league and worried I'm going to be well behind now.

It must be settings but if anyone has had this problem or same situation, be great to get some advice if possible.




  • Austen ChenAusten Chen Member
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    Are you on the newest v381 driver? Are you using FanaLab? Have you taken the time to dial in everything like your brake pedal?

    Keep in mind that G920 only has maybe 2Nm of torque and the CSW is 4x of that at 8Nm. So you now have to actually fight the wheel. Not to mention the brake pedal is a load cell on the v3, not some binary spring loaded brakes on the G920, so you can't brake the same way that you can before.

    There are so many factors that might cause you to be slower than you used to be.

  • It's normal that you are slower now. Upgrading doesn't make you faster, it gives you more realism/immersion.

    Your muscle memory has to adapt to the new sim racing gear, that will take some time, so if your goal is to be the fastest you shouldn't change your setup too often and give yourself enough time to adapt.

    Most records are driven by people with the cheapest sim hardware, some people even say turning off the FFB can give you an advantage.

  • Ok thanks. But the turning is so much harder, I shouldn't have to brake more to be able to turn more surely?

    Brake kit is amazing that's fine. It's just turning for tight corners, just doesn't want to turn.

    Im hoping it is just settings because if it's not so then I'm not liking it 🤦🏼‍♂️

    Yeah latest firmware as well.

  • Did you also make a calibration with the brake pedal for max and min?

    it's quite important for the best result, press the brake as hard as you like for maximum pressure and then ''set max''.

    also brakeforce setting in the wheel base is important, I have this at maximum for the smoothest result.

  • See when I went into the tuning programme. I didn't get that option. I watched some settings videos from boosted but didn't have that option for some reason.

    I got the brake performance kit as well which is amazing. I need to play about. I adjusted the steering linearity in game and has helped a bit.

    So slowly getting there. Just need the time to play around.

  • this menu is a little bit bugged, you need to go to the settings tab or tuning menu and then back to function test, then the ''set min and max'' options should appear.

    The brake performance kit is awesome, I use 2 times the red rubber,

    it's getting close to real life racing brakes that way :)

    Nice, like I said, you should give yourself a little bit time to adjust,

    once you get the muscle memory it will improve your laptimes :)

  • Ok cheers. I am getting more used to it now.

    Although I just raced Vietnam and on the right corners, I can't turn as much and go into the wall. Where can I get more rotation on the settings?

    So many settings to play with, I don't know which is right

  • Have you set used the recommended fanatec settings? both for the wheel and in game?

    The Sen should be 360.

    If you've done all that, it might be the car setup? try changing the front toe - if the front toe is -7, move it to -8.

    It also helps to trail brake into the corners as well, which will take some getting used to on the new pedals - especially with the bpk

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