cannot connect my fanatec v2 wheel to my xbox


I am having trouble connecting my fanatec wheel to my xbox. I went to the fanatec website, went to the v1.1 wheel base, downloads and downloaded latest firmware, restarted PC. than went back to fanatec and went to my wheel v2 and downloaded that firmware. I went to the fanatec properties icon and it didn't show any wheel connected and wasn't able to click on properties. I can't find any videos on this problem. I than took out the usb from PC to plug into xbox and the white light doesn't come on and no button functions work. does any one have any idea on possible solutions I can try? thanks


  • which driver did you download? did you update the base firmware first? after the base firmware the base will go into xbox mode (green LED).

    please try the repair function of the driver and switch the base back into PC mode and see if you can update the FWs again.

  • so I downloaded fanatec driver 381 and the one under it fanaLAB v1 53 than I believe restarted PC and than went and downloaded fanatec driver 381 and fanalab v1 53 for the CS steering wheel formula v2 when I went to open the fanatec properties icon I didn't get the picture of the wheel popping up. the white light above the xbox symbol is on. I believe I tried the repair function on them, but I didn't put the base in PC mode. Am I supposed to undownload everything put in PC mode and do the firmware update? or just switch it from xbox to PC and back to xbox?

  • switch into PC mode and update the firmware, no need to uninstall the driver again.

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