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I ordered on Dec. 28th. I haven’t received a tracking number for the bundle I got. I have emailed asking when I would receive this, no response. The warehouse that they process this is a 30 min drive from me. Not sure why it would take longer than a couple days. Everything I ordered was in stock. Any info on this would be appreciated.


  • Most likely they did not shipped anything between 24th Dec ip until now because of holidays.

    I think you will get your shipping Info sometime next week.

  • I ordered a bundle on the same day (Dec 28th) no shipping or any updates whatsoever here as well. Hopefully we should get some updates soon.

  • First day of work after new year, please give them some time... there will be plenty of open orders.

  • Yeah, its been several weeks and I still have not gotten a tracking number. The worst part is trying to contact someone from that company is the worst!!!

  • I understand But not sure how you could help if you don't work for them. Customers want answers from employees who can look up orders or track down orders. I appreciate you wanting to help but unfortunately you can not. I wish you could! So that is why I'm blasting this forum in hopes someone from their team gets on here or sends me an email that can answer my questions.

  • I ordered on Dec 26th. No tracking number. I submitted a contact form 2 days ago, waiting for a reply - it does say it could be up to 3 days, which to me is also unacceptable. If nobody has been working at Fanatec from Christmas until Jan 4th, that's all very nice for the employees, but is a joke for the customers. They managed to take my money immediately. In this day and age a retail company that sells expensive items should not be closed for 10 days! Just be closed on the actual holiday - like everyone else does. VERY disappointing. I have spent nearly $2000 with Fanatec over the past couple of years. I don't expect to be treated like this.

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  • “In this day and age” is the problem right there. What you should say is “In this day and age of entitlement”.

  • I did get a response for Fanatec CS, saying my order shipped on the 24th; I ordered on the 23rd. But no package, no tracking number. Fanatec needs to realize that people get really pissed when they spend lots of money for just sits there unaccounted for.

  • If you're saying that I think I'm entitled to decent service when I pay my hard earned money for it, well, yes I guess I do. Still nothing as of today btw. If I misunderstood what you meant, my apologies - please clarify. :-)

  • Never said YOU were entitled. I am always very careful about how I word things especially nowadays I see/hear more people than not, act/speak in an entitled way without any appreciation. It always seems to be “That is how it should have been” instead of Thank You. Once again never said YOU. If I made it seem like I was singling you out, then I was wrong and I do apologize. That was not my intention. Also, pretty sure the majority of people’s money is hard-earned. So no need for people to constantly put that in their posts which is a constant theme around here. Like I’ve said before, I hope you get your products sooner rather than later and I wish much better luck in the future.

  • No worries Joshua - I really wasn't sure if you were calling me out lol. Thanks for the well wishes.

    Update - I got an email from Fanatec apologizing for the delays, blaming Covid and stating that FedEx is having issues. Yet, they still haven't handed it over to FedEx. Idk about CA, but I am in FL and there are zero FedEx issues here with stuff I get from other companies. They also gave me a 10% discount on my next order, valid for 1 year. That's nice and I do appreciate it - but it does commit me to buying more stuff from them within a year or I lose the discount. More of a win for them in my case, because I have my pedals, wheelbase, P1 wheel, and what I'm waiting for is a GT wheel and extra button cluster to go with the Universal Wheel Hub that I got for Christmas - not realizing that I couldn't use my P1 wheel with it. So hopefully I won't need anything else anytime soon.

  • Received my stuff today!

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