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i plan to buy the Universal Hub Xbox with a new steering wheel. Most of the time I play ACC with the DD1 and the Formula V2 steering wheel. With the Formula V2, the multi-function display in ACC is operated using the small right stick. How should that work with the Universal Hub, it doesn't have a stick to navigate? If that doesn't work, the hub would be unusable.

Regards, Florian


  • Hi Florian (great name!) ;)

    To navigate through the multi function display, you have two options for the X Box Hub:

    In the blue circle you have something simoular to the multifuncion switch and if you don't want to use that (it's removeable)

    you can use the buttons in the red circle, for up down left right and so on.

  • Hallo Namensvetter ;-)

    the Solution in the red circle unusable while driving. The Switch in Blue circle, i dont know. I have to activate the MFD, then navigate up and down and make the changes with the left and right. I don't think that will work comfortably.

    Then I only have the Porsche GT3 Wheel, Xbox compatibility is required.


  • Aahh sorry I misread something!

    I thought you meant the MFD of the Wheel Base itself, but you meant the MFD from ACC.

    Yes therefore the red circle is no good option and the blue one would work, but is not perfect either...

    My personal solution (also for ACC) is the elgato streamdeck, works perfectly

  • I use the Streamdeck too, but i like to have the controls on the steering wheel because of safety lol. No is just more comfortable.

    Maybe Fanatec should make a stick that you connect to the hub, so the hub would be significantly upgraded.

    I think I'll order the Porsche GT3 Wheel ;-)

    Thank you Florian for your help.


  • Florian LichtFlorian Licht Member
    edited January 3

    Yeah understandable, a feature like this would be nice,

    maybe we get something like this in this year, because of the Podium hub,

    unlike the Xboxhub it doesn't have any control possibility if you don't use a Porsche buttonbox with it.

    So maybe there comes another solution which most likely should also work with the X Box Hub.

    You're welcome :)

  • Sorry, I have a quick question. The switch in the blue circle, what exactly does it do? Rotary switch left right. Pressure switch. Did he go up, down, left and right?

  • Yes it's a ''Funky Switch'':

    • Up, Down, Left, Right
    • 2 way rotary
    • pressure button

  • Ok then you should be able to operate the MFD perfectly in ACC or not?

  • Florian LichtFlorian Licht Member
    edited January 3

    Yes you can do everything like with the funky switch from the formula steering wheel.

  • Is that certain? That will affect my order later :-)

  • It's the exact same Funky Switch of the Formula v2, so yes.

  • Florian LichtFlorian Licht Member
    edited January 3

    Yes it's the same as the Formula switch, I think we misunderstood each other again,

    you have a nice metal cap over it (that's the only difference), it works completely the same way.

    With the xbox hub you also have the advantage to choose the position of the switch,

    you can place it on the upper/lower left or right side, wherever you want.

    Also the Button clusters can be placed wherever you want, depending on your Steering wheel,

    which makes the X box unihub such a nice option :)

  • Thank you. You guys are great.

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