RennSport Cockpit: Pricing + Special offer

Here is the pricing for our new rennSport Cockpit. Keep in mind that the frame is completely made in Germany and the built quality is very high. You have to add shipping cost but we are using standard packaging sizes which can be shipped with a regular postal service and not by special truck delivery.


RennSport Cockpit: EU: 995 EUR (incl VAT) / USA 995 USD (excl VAT)

Full frame+fibreglass bucketseat

RennSport Cockpit CARBON: 1295 EUR (incl VAT) / USA 1295 USD (excl VAT)

same as above but with a real carbon fibre race seat. Looks fantastic.


Optional: Single monitor stand:  249 EUR (incl VAT) / USA 249 USD (excl VAT)


Attach a monitor of up to 37" diagonal.

Optional: Triple monitor stand:  249 EUR (incl VAT) / USA 249 USD (excl VAT)

Attach 3 monitors with 24" diagonal.This is my favourite for PC Games and Forza 2 and probably the full version of GT5


Optional: SoundSystem:  399 EUR (incl VAT) only available in EU

Excellent 5+1 system of Teufel (Made in Germany). With rare digital input for several sources.


Optional: keyboard drawer:  79,95 EUR (incl VAT) / USA 79,95 USD (excl VAT)

Stores a small RF keyboard below the wheel which gives you quick access to the keyboard.



The first 10 customers get the Carbon edition for the price of the regular cockpit. You save 300 EUR or 300 USD!



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