WRC Wheel - only "Low torque" despite Quick Release Adapter

Hi guys,

I have been using the WRC steering wheel with my DD1 PS4 for a week now and enjoyed it a lot. But suddenly, when I started my DD1, it told me that torque is reduced in order to prevent damage to the "simplified quick release adapter". It obviously stopped recognizing my Clubsport Quick Release Adapter and thinks, I am using the standard plastic adapter.

I am using the 381 update pack, reverted back to the 346 but this one doesn't support the newer WRC wheel.

Wheel Base Firmware: 680

Motor: 40

Steering Wheel Firmware: 1

Wireless Quick Release: 6

I opened a support request but in the meantime I am wondering if anyone might have an idea how I will be possible to use full torque on the DD1 again?

Thanks a lot in advance!


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    Check the product page of the WRC wheel. The WRC wheels is always in low torque mode even with the Clubsport QR.

    The wheel construction is just not suitable for high torque.

    ”*High Torque Mode is NOT accessible on Podium wheel bases using this wheel, even when using the ClubSport Quick Release Adapter.”

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    You just didnt recognized that message in the first days it seems.. Or if you really had the High Torque Mode enabled in the first days then this was a very big issue because the High TOrque Mode should NEVER be enabled on the WRC - even with the Metal ClubSport Quick Release Adapter!

    So are you 100% sure you had High Trq Mode enabled in the first days? Then this needs to be investigated because this should NEVER happen in the first place!

    But for sure you can already write a mail to the support team that your case can be closed as its not a hardware issue at all but the intended behaviour now.

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    Hello guys! I have a problem with the WRC Wheel in Dirt Rally 2.0

    I tried to use it both in F1 2020 and Dirt and it worked only on F1. I mean Dirt cannot even recognize the wheel. I don't exactly understand the problem with this game, actually it is not fully downloaded yet cause I just bought from ps store. If this problem has occured to anyone of you please answer this. Thanks in advance!


    Wheelbase: CSL Elite

    Steering Wheel: WRC Wheel

    Platform: PS5

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