Need to lubricate quick release on the wheel base?


Has two bases (DD1, Clubsport 2.5) and several steering wheels. Is it necessary to lubricate quick release with any oil or some silicone with frequent steering wheels change?


  • I use a bit of silicone grease on mine.

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    I use this one,

    Silicone grease attracts and holds dust. A dry spray doesn’t and this one is also save for rubbers.

    Side note, use as little as possible of any lubricant! As long as wheels are coming of and going on easily there is no need to put more grease on it.

  • Thanks a lot for the answers!

  • There’s no need to and not necessary, but as you can see, people will do it anyways πŸ™‚

  • It's always a good idea to use a suitable lubricant to reduce friction on two mating surfaces that will be frequently changed - like the wheel QR and the shaft. Fanatec seem to have tolerance issues resulting in some wheel and shaft combinations being almost impossible to remove and some being so loose that there is resultant play. My original DD shaft fell into the former category and wheels were almost impossible to mount and dismount without lubrication - and even with lubrication it got badly scored - see pic. The replacement is much better fit but I still use lubricant because it's the right thing to do. For some people it will be essential, for some it will be a precaution but to say outright there is no need to and it is not necessary is just wrong.

  • Wow. How often do you change wheels? Over what period of time did qr become like this? Maybe Fanatec has some replacement elements for this? As I read this part can be changed?

  • That happened in 11 months. For 6 of those I never changed wheels - used the Porsche wheel for all of those. The shaft was replaced last month.

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