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Hello everyone, i found out that unfortunately, the cls elite f1 set is not sold in europe, so i want to ask you guys, is the clubsport formula carbon whell worth buying ? I ask because its already a 2-3 years on the market, but i dont have the budget for a D.D. I am also on PS4 so , any answer will be massively massively appreciated and very helpfull !! Thank you !


  • it's a good option if you are not interested in upgrading the shifter paddles in the future,

    this works only with the Formula V2 (podium & clubsport shifter paddles).

    The new clubsport shifter paddles would work with the Formula Carbon, but you need an adapter cable (3rd market).

    Also there will be a new Quickrelease version this year maybe (but only for the DD's)

    This would also only work with the V2 , not the carbon.

    So if you don't want to upgrade anything and don't need the additional switches,

    you can go with the carbon, because it's otherwise the same as the V2.

    If you want to upgrade any parts of the Steering wheel, take the V2, it would be worth the price difference.

  • Thanks for the reply mate ! Im not really interested in upgrading to be honest, i just want to know if the wheel is worth buying cause its a relatively old, but from what i have seen on the internet its almost indentical to e-sports wheel. Also i play mostly F2020 and some ACC, so are all the buttons appilcable in the F1 game ( the rotaror switches ) or it works only on PC ?

  • Florian LichtFlorian Licht Member
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    it's old, but nothing really has changed with the V2,

    just the possibilities for upgrading and the additional switches are the major differences.

    other than that, it's completely the same steering wheel... same handles, same building style.

    I'm not sure for PS4, but for PC everything works 100% / is mappable.

    I'm gonna sell my Formula Black as soon as the new Quickrelease is released (lol).

    It's basically the same as the carbon, just without the carbon plate.

    I made a video where I upgrade to the new Clubsport shifter paddles with an 3rd market adapter cable:

    But if you are planning on upgrading like this I would suggest to go directly for the V2,

    because then you don't need any (expensive) adapter cable.

    The price difference from carbon to V2 is not that big after all.

  • Yeah you are right, price is not so much bigger between the two, should propably look at the v2 ! My main concern is if i can map all the buttons in f1 cause i am on a ps ( mainly the funky). And thanks for the video mate . Really helpful!

  • you can map most of the buttons on the v2 one the PS4.

    so far, I can’t map the left funky switch to look around, or the rotators on the right funky switch.

    everything else seems to work fine. In fact, I think I have buttons unused - which is better than not having enough.

    plus the rev lights match the game perfectly. And the flag lights work as well.

  • Yeah that's big I guess, cause I think the funky switches are important,for using engine modes for example.

  • You can use 2 of the dials for engine modes. And/or ers modes.

    you can also use any other button to switch modes.

    the right funky switch is used for the mfd. just can’t rotate it to changes engine modes.

    im talking about the left and right joysticks (they’re the funky switches, right?)

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