Customer Service Number anyone???

Is there a customer service number in the States? I have sent over 10 Contact forms and Still, no answer as to where is my order place back in Dec.


  • What day in December did you actually order?

  • I order d mine on the 30th.. but I've been very concerned with all these people posting about not having anything shipped or taking forever...

  • I've placed an order on the 24th. And I know it's peak Christmas and New Year's but I'm still anxious as there aren't any updates from them apart from the status of my order being "processed"

  • I really wouldn’t stress too much. Fanatec was closed from Christmas to New Year’s. Which would mean that nothing was getting processed starting on Christmas and not going again until today January 4th. They only process Monday through Friday, and you really can’t even count the day you order, as a processing day depending on how late you complete your order. Also remember that regardless of what country you are in and order from, their central hub is in Germany as far as the the ordering servers. I can only give you my experience, I ordered products on Black Friday, which needless to say is a crazy busy time for consumer purchasing, and I received my products during the week of December 7th. I’m not saying people don’t deserve to feel the way they do when they feel their expectations have not been met, just saying that sometimes it helps to step back and look at the whole situation one more time with a calm head.

  • Also just to put this out there for people. Most online ordering is completely automated, them “taking your money“ is not a proper term. There is nobody sitting at a computer actually ringing up orders like they do at a cashier or a register. Once you put your information in and you hit complete order it takes the bank or whatever payment method you use time to process and clear your funds. Once that happens then your order is deemed “processing” . That is all automated and means it is just in the processing phase in the system. During a time when there is nobody in the shop it’s not like somebody actually walked over and click process and now just walked away.

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    Well, whether it's an actual person or a machine, the money is taken. Needless to say, it's very frustrating to let a few hundred or even thousand bucks disappear from your account with no further update or feedback for several weeks. I mean at this level, I think it's fair to be stressed. I wonder how far they'll go with this silence. 🤔 It's very disappointing tbh

  • Once again there is no update or feedback to be had when still within “processing” window. 1 to 4 Business Days, possibly longer right now, and being closed from Christmas to New Year, if you ordered during the week of Christmas, or even slightly before you would still be in the “processing” window.

  • I just find that people get really super stressed about things of this nature and then they tend to work out and it just makes it so much harder on themselves when it doesn’t need to be. Once again not trying to say don’t be stressed out, I mean it is warranted to an extent, and I cannot say that I haven’t been there myself but it’s just not worth it.

  • I think the ones who have ordered and haven't seen any change in a week plus are worried due to spending thousands of dollars on something that is very exciting to have. especially being first time buyers. I get it, holidays etc, but you think maybe they would have people at home or casually checking peoples emails and tickets they have put in the re assure buyers? I know if it was my company id have people working maybe 2-3 hours daily on online tickets emails etc. during holidays. i know eventually this all will seize to be just a worried worm but at the moment how many people have canceled orders because of no communications in the past week+

  • No no, totally understandable. Any amount of money is money flat out. But as you just mentioned that’s another thing, look at all of the orders that keep getting canceled and things of that nature that I see on this forum left and right that they actually have to resolve. What if that was an order that was already in the packaging process of and then all of a sudden it gets canceled now they have to stop that whole process plus paperwork and it back stuff up so it ends up being a lot of variables that come into play. Everybody always says “if it was my company”. Honestly, if it was your company, if it was my company, if it was anybody’s company, they would still have the same problems that found a tech is dealing with. There is not a single company that does not have some issues in the customer satisfactory department. I will not play the whole, just be thankful for this or that card because that’s our prerogative as consumers to have specific wants. I just look at it this way, they have been in business for quite some time and are pretty well-known, with high quality products, so I highly doubt they’re going to just be robbing and not delivering. Yes they are “world known” but they still aren’t considered a “superstore” or a “big box store”. Definitely never be a pushover as a consumer but at least give them.....some chance.

  • Because if you was my boss and you had told me I had to work over the holidays, no matter how much, I probably would’ve had a few choice words for you.....and probably lost my job.....😬😏. Justifiably.....

  • lol, i ordered on november 27th and i still dont have my stuff.... stfu

  • The sensible thing for Fanatec to do would be to configure their systems to send an automated message when orders are received on non business days that sets out when they will reopen for business and explains expected processing times and when the order is likely to be despatched. There is no need for any manual intervention.

    Unfortunately, the administrative and logistic side of this business is 'sub-optimal'. I recently received an email telling me that my RMA had been received for repair many weeks after i sent it to them - and a week after I had received it back!

  • No disagreement here. I think that would be an extremely improved protocol for them to implement. The term “sub-optimal” is a perfect description.

  • There seems to be a huge difference between Europe and the US when it comes to customer service. I'm near Germany in the Netherlands and the only time i had to wait for more than a week was when i placed a pre-order. Except that everything was delivered within a week after placing the order and if there was an issue i just called them to make things clear.

    Doesn't the US department of Fanatec have a customer service number you can call?

  • I got a email back saying my order will be shipped very soon and that they are very busy basically. That's at least reassuring

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    Today I received answer for my tracking number request sent between the holidays. They sent me a list of 4 separate items and turned out all of them have been on the way since Dec 22 and they've already passed the border. In fact, one of them arrived a few hours after the email. The rest are stuck in Toronto, probably for customs.

    It seems their tracking system has failed or something. Interesting is that USPS was supposed to send me the tracking emails which never happened.

    If you're in the same boat, you have a good chance your package is on the way. For tracking, you better send an email to customer support.

  • Hey guys,

    I ordered by equipment on Dec 28th, and still no tracking number or anything. I was notified on the 29th that the order was processed. I was reading all your guy's comments and I saw MItchell's stuff shipped. I was just wondering. I'm new to sim racing and spent over $1,800 on the essentials. I also took shipping from FedEx. Thanks fellas!

  • I ordered on Dec 24th, bad time I know did not expect anything until after Christmas. Still have not heard anything other than order processed,money was taken and the warranty is counting down. 3 weeks of warranty gone and my order has not even been shipped.

  • Warranty period maybe starts in your account but don’t worry about that! Your warranty period starts when you receive the package, not when you make a purchase.

  • Mine hasn't shipped yet. I just got a email saying everything was processed yesturday. So either today or tomorrow hopefully it's shipped!

  • UPDATE: My things have officially shipped from California from FedEx. So, if you ordered around December 28th, your stuff should be getting shipped sometime this week I assume. Thanks!

  • Did it ACTUALLY ship, as in FedEx took possession of it and it's en route? Or they just sent you a tracking # and you're waiting on pickup?

  • ----I've been tracking it and it has been in California, New Mexico, and now Missouri

  • Nice, mine shipped as well. I got the tracking on the 13th, and 2 hours later FedEx had picked it up. Should be here in a few hours (but I'm in Northern CA, so FedEx ground was a 2 day ship).

    It seems like things are moving again and FedEx is able to deal with the volume once it actually is ready to go.

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